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Not that many years ago The X Factor (now pumping out a sub-standard “celebrity” version) would be good at grabbing tabloid publicity, but the ever-excellent Strictly Come Dancing has stuffed it in getting all the column inches:- good for ratings, of course!

But after a few years of romances between dance partners, some of which have gone pear-shaped, we are being teased, probably by BBC “insiders” that there´s an unlikely new couple behind the scenes.

A Daily Star report quoted an “insider” as saying:- “You wouldn´t put these two together. If people knew they had been quickstepping to the bedroom, then they would be stunned”.

Allegedly the attraction started early on in the contest but the “insider” claimed that they could “no longer hold back”, and that “gossip” has started to spread.

Good luck to Craig and Bruno, I say! Only joking!

On the dance floor, expect either CBBC presenter Karim Zeroual or Ex-Emmerdale star(and last-minute replacement) Kelvin Fletcher to be victorious next month, with both guys also possessing the “high-likeability” factor.

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