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A new initiative by Altea council will help drivers locate parking spaces across the town quickly and easily.

The town hall is introducing a number of illuminated signs situated in prominent areas of the town, in particular, where motorists cause congestion as they drive around looking for somewhere to park.

Councillor for infrastructure Roc Ferrer, who launched the plan last week, said: “We have launched an information plan for drivers with new vertical signs that show legends and indicators of the capabilities and characteristics of each car park.”

“But the most novel thing is that in this information plan, we have also created a virtual layer in Google Maps where, by means of thumbtacks, the location and the capacity of each one of the car parks are indicated,” explained the councillor.

“ Information that is also available at the end of the homepage of the City Council’s website, www.altea.es. “

Ferrer also pointed out that the cost of the initiative will be paid for through adverts on the sides of the street signage.

Altea has a total of 2405 parking places across the town, which visitors are unaware of when they are looking for somewhere to park close to shops, beaches and the famous old town.

Often, free parking places are available, only metres away from where they are attempting to park.

Of the twenty available car parks in the municipality of Altea, only three are private with a parking charge, amounting to 401 parking places.

The remainder of the parking is free, including the 450 seats of the Faculty of Fine Arts and the 400 at the Plaza del Mercadillo.

According to Ferrer, “respect for the environment” is fundamental and the council is aiming to become a sustainable city.

“Therefore, with physical signs and virtual thumbtacks, it is easier, especially for visitors, to improve circulation and, therefore, also reduce emissions, both harmful and acoustic gases caused by vehicles.”

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