Not that many years ago The X Factor (now pumping out a sub-standard “celebrity” version) would be good at grabbing tabloid publicity, but the ever-excellent Strictly Come Dancing has stuffed it in getting all the column inches:- good for ratings, of course!

But after a few years of romances between dance partners, some of which have gone pear-shaped, we are being teased, probably by BBC “insiders” that there´s an unlikely new couple behind the scenes.

A Daily Star report quoted an “insider” as saying:- “You wouldn´t put these two together. If people knew they had been quickstepping to the bedroom, then they would be stunned”.

Allegedly the attraction started early on in the contest but the “insider” claimed that they could “no longer hold back”, and that “gossip” has started to spread.

Good luck to Craig and Bruno, I say! Only joking!

On the dance floor, expect either CBBC presenter Karim Zeroual or Ex-Emmerdale star(and last-minute replacement) Kelvin Fletcher to be victorious next month, with both guys also possessing the “high-likeability” factor.

Katie Price has been declared bankrupt in a hearing at the High Court, which was told she had failed to stick to a plan to repay her debts.

The former model and reality TV star were not present at the London hearing.

Last year, Price, 41, came to an arrangement with her creditors for a repayment plan known as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA).

But the insolvency practitioner overseeing her IVA said she had failed to keep to the terms of the agreement.

Now that she’s been made bankrupt, the Official Receiver will take control of her financial affairs and property.

Price, who lives in West Sussex, found fame in the 1990s as a glamour model under the name Jordan and was once said to be worth more than £40m.

Just where has all the money gone?

Social media in the last couple of months has caught fire with the two footballing wives of Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy trading blows, as Vardy was accused of leaking stories about her to the press.

But a pre-Xmas truce between the two wives is on the horizon, as it has now been claimed that, following her accusations, 33-year-old Rooney is hoping to make peace with Jamie Vardy’s wife – who is set to welcome her fifth child very soon.

According to another of the famous “insiders”, the mum-of-four has ‘begrudgingly accepted’ that she may have made ‘a mistake’ going about things so publicly.

´Even though she still feels she was justified in highlighting how she’s been trying to get to the bottom of who was leaking stories on her life, she also accepts that, in hindsight, she could have gone about it differently to save herself from all this controversy,’ the source revealed.

Coleen apparently wants to speak to Rebekah directly in the next few weeks, and that should be a high-end conversation well worth waiting for.

Merry Xmas ladies!

The Who were one of the first bands that I really liked as a kid, and these days they are down to the Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend, who have known each other for 60 years.

They´ve done an interview with the excellent Rolling Stone magazine ahead of a new album, which is only the second to come from the band in 37 years!

Two of the founding four, namely Keith Moon in 1978, and then John Entwhistle in 2002, left us too early, but in the Stone interview, Townsend doesn´t lament their passing from a musical perspective.

It’s not going to make Who fans very happy, but thank God they’re gone,” said Pete.

“They were difficult to play with and they never ever managed to create bands for themselves. I think my musical discipline, my musical efficiency as a rhythm player, held the band together.”

Other choices words followed in the interview, but if nothing else(and there is plenty), The Who have made plenty of headlines down the decades.

In days gone by I always used to get excited by the UK television channels announcing their Xmas and New Year holiday schedules, even though we knew was coming months earlier because of the time it takes to commission and makes a programme.

ITV largely threw in the towel years ago over the festive season, so the BBC announced this week was crammed full of goodies, including Call The Midwife, Mrs.Brown´s Boys, Dr Who, and a new Dracula series.

A highlight is a Xmas special of Gavin and Stacey, a decade or so after the series ended, but in my case it finished just two months ago since I binge-watched all of the episodes for the first time ever!

Better late than never, as there is only a comedy like Fleabag (sadly finished) that are of the same quality.

Poor old  ITV will have to make do with Corrie and Emmerdale as just about the worthwhile cold turkey sum total of their bargain-basement festive fare.

There have been times down the years when you were never quite sure whether you should give up your seat on a bus for somebody who you reckon might need it more.
I was actually told a couple of times by elderly travellers that I was insulting their capabilities of standing, so I started not to bother, and made me feel mean.
So I like the idea from Nottingham where bus and tram users will be offered “happy to move for you” badges to let disabled and elderly people know they can request their seat.
The move has been welcomed by disability campaigners who said it would help, but added it was “sad” the initiative was needed.
A Nottingham council spokeswoman said disabled people, especially those with invisible disabilities, had reported receiving very negative responses when they asked people on public transport to give up their seats.
This nice idea I hope will work and spread across Britain.

Essex Police is investigating claims that an officer ordered a driver to remove a “B******* to Brexit” sign from his car.

Peter Cook says he was a passenger in the Mini Cooper – which had the anti-Brexit message emblazoned across it – when it was pulled over on the M25 near Brentwood on Sunday afternoon.

Footage posted on Twitter purportedly shows the officer standing next to the vehicle as a man – believed to be the driver – crouches down to remove some of the lettering.

Mr Cook told Sky News that he is pursuing a complaint against the police and wants a “full and frank unreserved apology” over the incident. He is considering requesting a donation to a charity which equates to the cost of the removed lettering.

In the video, Mr Cook is heard describing the officer as “very aggressive” and claims the officer told him he could not even say the word “b*******” because “ladies may be present, even though they’re not”.

The UK’s largest ever coin has been released and it is big enough to serve your dinner on. Royal Mint has today unveiled its five kilo record-breaking coin, worth at least £5,000.

Made from alloy 999 Au Fine Gold, the impressive coin has a diameter of 175mm, and one of them has already been bought for an undisclosed amount.

It is part of a new ‘Great Engravers’ series, that celebrates artists who have worked on British coinage and begins with Royal Academician William Wyon’s Una And The Lion design.

Wyon was the chief engraver at the Royal Mint from 1828 until his death in 1851 and was most famous for his coin and medal portraits of Queen Victoria. He is also well-known for his design of Una And The Lion, considered by collectors as one of the world’s most beautiful coins.

I´m a sucker for a nice animal tale, so I bring you news of a baby otter being rescued after being found wandering in a busy Aberdeenshire street.

The Scottish SPCA said the “tiny” otter was spotted in Inverurie by a member of the public on Monday.

The organisation said the otter and its mother may have become separated after flooding.

Scottish SPCA inspector Amanda Watson said: “A brave member of the public picked up a male otter early on Monday morning on a busy street, quite near the river.

“The pup is now in the care of our National Wildlife Rescue Centre. He will stay with us until he is a year old as that’s how long otters stay with their mothers in the wild.”

She added: “It was the most adorable encounter I’ve had on a Monday morning in a long time.”

A builder and a shop worker have been named as the winners of a £105m EuroMillions jackpot.

Steve Thomson, 42, and his wife Lenka, 41, from West Sussex, were the sixth jackpot prize winners in the UK this year, operator Camelot said.

Their ticket won £105,100,701.90 on 19 November, the 25th anniversary of the National Lottery’s first draw.

Mr Thomson said when he realised he had won that he felt he was “on the verge of having a heart attack”.

I suspect that he will have multiple coronaries as many friends will suddenly start crawling out of the woodwork.

I just cannot understand why any lottery jackpot winner wants publicity over their success unless they just fancy a moment in the limelight and a bit of showing off.