BRITISH travellers have topped Spain’s list of shame for the most unruly airline passengers.

Figures released by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency show there are more incidents involving Brits hit with fines for bad behaviour on board planes than any other nationality.

The Madrid-based agency, responsible for fining problem passengers who have been identified by police at Spanish airports, was notified last year of incidents involving 862 passengers.

British travellers led the list of bad behaviour, followed by Spaniards on 203 and Germans in third place with 61.
The agency also revealed it has fined 729 people just over 580 thousand euros between 2017 and the end of March this year.
Britain also came top of the list for 2017.

Recent incidents on Ryanair flights to Alicante-Elche airport saw a drunken hen party on a service from Birmingham “taking over the plane”, and a bunch of inebriated Benidorm-bound men misbehaving on a Stansted-originated flight.

By Alex Trelinski

EIGHT women who were being held captive in the basement of a brothel in Marbella and sexually exploited by a gang of pimps and drug dealers, have been freed by the National Police.

An investigation started after a tip-off to a hotline, and when officers raided the house, they found it was being run as a 24-hour brothel with a bar.
They freed the eight women and arrested 21 alleged members of a gang led by a Portuguese family.
“The investigation found that the women were recruited in Spain,” the National Police said.

“Some of them voluntarily sought work at the brothel while others were tricked with offers of work in a ‘massage parlour’. Once there they were subjected to a system of fines, exhausting days and threats.”
Police also discovered that the women were forbidden to leave the basement and that the gang supplied cocaine and MDMA to its customers.

By Alex Trelinski

A GANG that targetted beach goers in Benidorm and across the Costa Blanca, has been arrested by the National Police, and charged with violent robbery and belonging to a criminal organisation.

The five men, aged between 25 and 31, and of Spanish and Ecuadorian nationalities, were rounded up, after a British tourist was robbed by them on Tuesday.
Police arrived at the scene at the undisclosed beach in Benidorm and the tourist told them that he was approached by two men who were looking for help.


One of them then grabbed the Brit violently and tried to remove his watch, but the tourist struck back, with a third man appearing on the scene, who then helped to take a mobile phone and 120 euros from the victim´s bag.
The trio then beat a hasty retreat and were joined by two others, who ran away in different directions.

Gang rounded up.

The National Police immediately launched a successful operation to track the thieves down, with the force saying that the gang ran a well-drilled plan.
Like in the case of Tuesday´s British victim, two gang members would run the initial distraction on their “mark”, with a third man appearing to steal the items. The remaining two would wait for the others, before running away in opposite directions with the loot.

By: Alex Trelinski

SPAIN´S former PSOE Socialist party leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, was buried on Saturday, after he died last on Friday aged 67 after suffering a stroke..
Rubalcaba was admitted to a hospital in Majadahonda near Madrid in a serious condition two days earlier.
Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who succeeded Rubalcaba as party leader in 2014, immediately took to social media to mourn “a statesman (whose) whole life was dedicated to the service of his country”.
Rubalcaba spent five years as Spain´s interior minister, and oversaw a major crackdown on the Basque terrorist group ETA.
He also led the PSOE into the 2011 general election, where the party was defeated by the Partido Popular in a landslide.
Sanchez led past and present prime minsters and various political leaders as well as King Felipe and ex monarch, King Carlos, in paying tribute at the lying in state of Rubalcaba´s coffin at the Congress building on Saturday, before a private funeral.

TORREVIEJA Hospital´s Urology department is badly under-staffed, according to the CSIF trade union, who claim that the facility has just one urologist.

The union says that posts are not being filled in the department, with staff leaving for better working conditions.

The department originally was designed to have five urologists.

A CSIF spokesman said:- “A single urologist is simply not enough to cope with the number of elderly people who live in the area, as well as tourists”.

A LIFT is to be installed at Guardamar´s Santa Ana industrial estate as part of a 200 thousand euros project to improve access to people using the car park to go nearby amenities.
The lift will accommodate six people, and along with a new set of stairs, it will link up with the estate´s car park, providing easier pedestrian access to the weekly market or local health centre.
The 200-space parking area has not been fully utilised due to the terrain, and Public Works councillor José María Hernández said that once everything is installed, it would take just five minutes to walk to Guardamar Town Hall.
New signage, better lighting, and improved CCTV are all included in the project which is expected to be finished before the end of the year.

BENFERRI´s mayor Luis Vicente Mateo is the subject of a workplace harassment case, with prosecutors calling for a 15 month jail term at a hearing that has started in the Orihuela courts.

Mateo, of the socialist PSOE party, has been in office since 1999, and is accused of verbally abusing municipal secretary, Joaquin Botella, in a series of incidents starting in 2011.

Botella allegedly uncovered a series of irregular payments authorised by the mayor,

Mateo also faces up to nine years of disqualification from public office in a separate case which is scheduled to start the the day after this month´s local elections.

The mayor is scheduled to be at a Provincial Court hearing over prevarication in 2014 over alleged allowances and travel payments.

Mateo originally won that long-running case back in the autumn, but it has been brought back to the higher court after an appeal from the prosecutor and the opposition Partido Popular.

THE STUDIO 32 Musical Theatre group´s production of the Cole Porter musical, Anything Goes, hits the stage of San Fulgencio´s Cardenal Belluga theatre in less than a fortnight´s time.

The musical farce is set on board a luxury liner sailing from New York to London in the early thirties, with some memorable songs and laughs.

Charities to benefit from the show include San Fulgencio Alzheimer´s Society and the local music school.

Anything Goes will run between Wednesday May 29th and Saturday June 1st and curtain up will be at 7.30 pm.

Reserved tickets are now on sale, priced 10 euros, and can be obtained by emailing or calling 744 484 933.

You don´t necessarily have to be a golfer to buy property at a golfing resort, as there are plenty of sensible reasons to look at the option of having a home at one.

A golf resort is always impeccably kept and well maintained. The areas around the courses are equally well maintained, with manicured gardens, hedge rows and verges.

Roads and street lighting are also kept in tip top shape, all important factors when it comes to buying and selling a property.

Golf courses are renowned for being located in privileged positions with spectacular views, like those of mountains, the sea, a river, and the well-kept golfing fairways.

The areas around a golf resort are usually ideal for a long stroll or a jog. Also the air is clean and fresh as here not being much traffic around,.

You also have the golf clubhouse, which is usually a place for great socialising and networking, with generally good food and drink standards.

Being close to nature is considered to be a great health benefit, as well as pleasing to the eye.

A golf course is normally surrounded by an abundance of flora and fauna, with hundreds of varieties of trees, plants, shrubs and flowers.

Whilst golf resorts are generally quiet and do not attract any cause for alarm, developments are usually patrolled at night to ensure no trespassing or vandalism occurs.

This means that a patrol car is usually nearby, giving you extra peace of mind.

Each golf resort is completely different, but with plenty to go at in the Costa Blanca and Murcia regions, and of course further afield, it´s a property option that is well worth investigating.

Though areas like the Costa Blanca have some of the most significant property price increases in Spain, it´s the holiday islands of the Balaerics like Ibiza that are seeing prices climbing the fastest, at almost double the national average!

The IMIE General Index shows an annual rate of increase of eight per cent across the islands, compared to a national price rise of just under four per cent.

The plentiful supply of sandy shores and sun-kissed climate on the Balaerics offer an idyllic setting for long-term stayers, who are fuelling the price market.

In property terms, coastal areas of the islands, like elsewhere, incur a price premium, with property values falling as you move further inland.

Spring heralds the start of the buying season in the Balearics, as it does in many other parts of Spain.

On islands such as Mallorca and Ibiza, the property market will be busy from now until the end of the summer.

“Foreign buyers play a significant role in these island markets as they vie with locals to find the perfect property in the perfect location,” commented Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director of Taylor Wimpey España.