With last week’s searing temperatures and unbearable humidity still in the memory, it’s hard to believe, one of the Autumn’s blockbuster TV shows, is due back on our screens in just over a week.

Yes, Channel 4 has announced the start date for the 2019 series, which will reunite judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood with presenters Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig.

The new series will kick off on 27 August, bringing a fresh batch of contestants to the iconic tent, eager to show off their tasty buns, pies, tarts and baps.

That’s me in fits of innuendo laced giggles for a few, weeks and if anyone mentions a soggy bottom …… Well!!

Councillors in Benidorm, have launched a campaign encouraging beachgoers to dispose of their cigarette butts in an environmentally friendly manner.

The campaign, with a tagline saying, ‘The beach is not an ashtray’, was launched earlier this week by the Beaches and Environment councillor, Monica Gomez, who stressed that to achieve this goal it is “absolutely essential” that the public collaborate, “especially, the people who generate this type of waste.”

More than 20,000, free, re-useable ashtrays have been distributed in beach libraries, first aid points, sun bed stations, tourist information centres and public areas, with the aim of preventing smokers stubbing out their cigarettes in the sand.

“A cigarette butt takes ten to 15 years to disappear and can contaminate ten litres of seawater, in addition to causing damage to birds and fish,” explained councillor Lopez, as once they become hidden in the sand, they are “very difficult to detect and remove completely, despite the thorough cleaning undertaken daily on the resort’s beaches.”

The campaign also includes the distribution of 20,000 flyers in Spanish, Valencian, English and French to raise awareness of the environmental damage caused by the abandonment of this waste on our beaches.

A wider initiative, entitled, ‘Don’t forget your’ rubbish, was launched earlier in the Summer, featuring an installation in Parqued’Elche, depicting large scale replicas of items beach users leave behind on the sand, including plastic straws, bottle caps, plastic containers, tetra packs and wooden ice cream sticks.

A Spanish lawyer representing one of the three teenaged French tourists recently detained for an alleged sexual assault on a twenty-year-old Norwegian holidaymaker in Benidorm, has criticised the treatment of his client.

Fabrice David, representing a client known as Hugo, speaking to the Spanish News Agency, Efe last week, complained that the young men had been, “exposed as true criminals”, before all available evidence had been examined.

He also revealed that his client, called the encounter, a “spoiled” relationship, claiming that he “rejects any accusation of sexual act without consent” and insists that they only took part in sexual relations alone in a room in the apartment he shared with his four friends, all aged either 18 or 19.

According to the lawyer, Hugo’s defence will focus on the behaviour of the young woman who, according to mobile phone evidence of conversations they had in the Tinder dating App, before she and her friend visited the French boys apartment. “These exchanges characterize the notion of consent,” explained David.

Describing the Tinder App, the lawyer also said “this application is aimed at sexual encounters and that the young woman talked with her client in that regard.”

The five Frenchmen were arrested on the day before they were due to leave their accommodation last week.

The defendants gave a judicial statement last Thursday, where the judge issued prison without bail for three of them accused of an alleged crime of sexual abuse.

They were transferred to special security module for inmates under 21 years of age at the Villena prison after spending the night in the premises of the Local Police of Benidorm. The other two were released with charges.

Be honest, could any of you dear readers squeeze into a bikini or swim suit, you wore on your Summer hols in 1989?

I think I know the answer, which makes this recent pic of former glamour model Linda Lusardi, sporting the very same gold two piece, she wore thirty years ago, all the more remarkable.

“I can’t believe I’m wearing the same sparkly bikini I wore back in the day. I found it in my attic the other weekend while I was doing a big clear-out, and it still fits,” she explained to Best magazine.

Looking amazing, the sixty-year-old (yes, 60!), model/actress, who struck the same pose she took all those years ago, added, “My mum, Lila, is 86 and still a size 8. And my dad, who I sadly lost a couple of years ago, was in incredible shape. I watch my weight, but I’m very lucky with my metabolism.”

Now you lot …… Step away from the biscuit tin.     

With falling ratings hitting both X Factor and The Voice, ITV bosses are pinning their hopes on a new music show entitled The Masked Singer.

Sound intriguing to you? Nor me ……. But read on and you decide what you think, when you know how the show works.

The Masked Singer is a format based on the Korean version of the show, titled The King of Mask Singer.

It sees celebrities anonomously dressing up in wacky and wonderful costumes in front of a live studio audience, a star-studded panel and the nation.

The true identity of the singer is only revealed when they are eliminated each week from the competition.

After the show was bought by FOX in the US and featured Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy on the panel, ITV decided to buy the show as it was a massive hit across the pond.

There’s no actual date for the show’s debut yet, nor details of the host and judging panel, so watch this space …… I can hardly contain my excitement.

A twenty-nine-year-old man has been jailed for seven years, with a further ten on probation for the rape of a French tourist in a well-known discotheque on the outskirts of Benidorm.

The court in Alicante heard how the victim, had visited the venue with a group of friends, whilst on a holiday in Calpe last August.

After meeting in the club, the attacker followed the French woman into a toilet cubicle in one of the toilets.

Once inside, he pinned her against the cubicle wall, blocking the exit door and began to kiss and fondle her against her will.

Unable to call for help because the attacker had placed his hand over her mouth, the victim’s statement told how the man proceeded to rape her, even though one of her friends had entered the bathroom to look for her.

Once the aggressor left the scene of the attack, the woman was able to rejoin her friends to describe her ordeal.

The attacker was confronted by the friends of the victim, where a fight ensued, before spilling out onto the venue’s car park, where the attacker was able to flee to his car before leaving the scene.

National Police officers arrived to take statements from the victim, her friends and a doorman from the disco who had witnessed the confrontation.

During the trial earlier this month the accused, maintained his innocence, telling the court the victim was lying and no sex took place.

However, using evidence provided by the victim and witnesses, plus DNA samples from the woman, the court concluded the attack took place.

The convicted man, who was already held in pre-trial detention, was also ordered to pay the victim 15,000€ for physical and psychological damage caused to the victim.

Hard to believe it’s eight years since the music lost the amazingly talented Amy Winehouse, who died tragically young, from alcohol poisoning at the age of 27.

Touching tributes have been paid, by family and friends of the singer, on the anniversary of her death earlier this week.

Amy’s mother Janis H Winehouse simply tweeted a moving image of a flaming candle and a pair of her daughter’s high heel shoes.

Meanwhile her Goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield, shared a sweet throwback snap of the smiling pair on Instagram as she remembered the star, who died at the age of 27 in 2011 from alcohol poisoning. ‘Miss you always but today more than ever’, she captioned the image.

Perhaps the most touching came from the team behind TFL’s All On The Board, who posted a tribute on a London Underground white board using song titles from the singer’s amazing collection of tracks and shared it on Twitter.

‘Every cupid knows that tears dry on their own. After some unholy ways of words, we may wake up alone’, the poem read. ‘During half time between the cheats we may think love is a losing game; Take the box of hidden treasures away, it takes more than pumps and forbidden pleasures to impress a lioness today.’

Very sweet and classy for a sassy superstar!

One would imagine that fans of the BBC’s hit Autumn Saturday night blockbuster, Strictly Come Dancing may be slightly underwhelmed as news broke of outgoing DarceyBussell’s replacement on the show’s judging panel……

It’s none other than,MotsiMabuse, elder sister of Oti, who dances on the show.

Although she is relatively unknown in the UK, The 38-year-old has past form as both a dancer and a judge, having won the South African and German Latin championships in 2009 and 2010 consecutively, and having served on the judging panel of Let’s Dance in Germany since 2011.

Mabuse said she was “overyjoyed” to be joining the judges Bruno Tonioli, Craig Revel Horwood and Shirley Ballas on the panel. She said: “I have so much respect and admiration for the other three judges and hope to add my own bit of sparkle to the show. I can’t wait to get started!”

Stand by for accusations of nepotism and bias towards her sister, when she debuts on the show later in the year.

Recent photos of Simon Pegg, 49, looking lean and mean, have caused some consternation, when they were released by his personal trainer.

The actor, most famous for his roles in Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Run, Fat Boy, Run, went from 78kg on the scales to 69kg and dropped to 8% body fat from 12% for his upcoming film Inheritance

Pegg described the mixed reaction, with some fans questioning whether he was sick, as ‘weird’, as did his trainer Nick Lower, who worked with Simon for six months to achieve his lean physique with strength training, cardio, core work and trail runs.

Nick explaining the brief for his client’s upcoming role in the thriller, said, “It is drastic. It’s different. The remit was, his character has been trapped in a basement for 30 years, so he’s not going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

That’s true mate, but he doesn’t have to look like he’s used the ageing Face App, that’s doing the Facebook rounds at the moment, either.

I know I’ve been banging on about my current obsession, the fabulous, groundbreaking, Pose for some time now, so it’s good to see the actors gaining some well deserved accolades.

Earlier this week, Billy Porter, a veteran actor who has made his living primarily in theatreover the last 30 years, garnered the distinction of being the first openly gay African-American man to be nominated for an Outstanding Lead Actor Emmy, for his role as Pray Tell.

Pose, currently airing its second season, is a look back at the multi-racial LGBTQ ballroom ‘scene’ in the New York City of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, when the struggles against the AIDS epidemic and the fight for equality were at fever pitch and features the fashion, opulence and high drama of the time, both on the dance floor and off.

‘I’ve been in this business for 30 years,’ said Porter recently, ‘My outness was always considered a liability for me and that has turned around. In my life in the business, having that flamboyant ability, very often that’s where you’re pigeonholed, that’s where you’re sort of put in a box.’

Stay flamboyant Billy and fingers crossed you win that Emmy.