Prime Minsister Pedro Sanchez has announced that a general election, will be held on 28th April.
The decision came after the PSOE leader after an emergency meeting of his cabinet at the Moncloa this morning (Friday 15th February)

“Spain belongs to the Spaniards, to the citizens, they must decide if we step back or move forward… What they decide will always be a great success”. Pedro Sanchez

An announcement of a return to the ballot box was almost a certainty, after Congress rejected his party’s budget.

In his statement he said that King Felipe VI had been informed, and whilst it was not a planned election, this is the only way to unblock the stalemate over the budget.

This will be Spain’s third general election since 2015.

TWELVE people behind Catalunya´s illegal 2017 independence referendum have gone on trial in Madrid, facing charges including rebellion and sedition.

If convicted, some could face up to 25 years in prison.
After the unconstitutional vote in October 2017, the region declared its independence from Spain weeks later, with the national government then imposing direct rule until fresh regional elections were held.
Nine of the defendants have spent months in pre-trial detention, and arrived at the court on Tuesday morning under guard. The remaining three had been free on bail.

The most high-profile of the leaders on trial is the former Vice-President, Oriol Junqueras. His superior – former President of Catlunya, Carles Puigdemont – fled abroad and remains in exile in Belgium.
Junqueras faces the longest potential sentence for the alleged crime of rebellion, at 25 years. Others accused of the same charge, including former speaker of the Catalan parliament, Carma Forcadell, could receive sentences of up to 17 years.

They also face the lesser charge of sedition, as do several former ministers. There is also the accusation of misuse of public funds, in organising a referendum that had been declared illegal by Madrid.

A man who took a nap in Taylor Swift’s bed has been sentenced to six months in jail.

Roger Alvarado, 22, from Homestead, Florida, was sentenced on Tuesday after pleading guilty to criminal contempt and attempted burglary according to a report in the Page Six Publication.

Alvarado is believed to have used a ladder to climb through the window of the singer’s home before she had moved in.

A neighbour is then believed to have reported the incident on April 20 to police, who found Mr Alvarado in Swift’s bed after using her shower.

Apparently, Alvarado, who has nearly finished his jail stint, plans to return to Florida to serve five years’ probation and complete a mental health programme.

There was no comment from Ms Swift’s camp who couldn’t confirm whether the star decided to buy a new bedcover, or just keep the old one and ‘Shake it off!’

Ant McPartlin’s rehabilitation back into the TV schedules appears to be speeding along, with rumours circulating that him and Declan Donnelly are about to start work on a new Saturday night show.

The telly duo only reunited for work last month when Ant McPartlin staged his career comeback 10 months after cancelling all his projects to focus on getting sober after his drink drive crash.

But they got back together in January for the first of the Britain’s Got Talent auditions, with Ant tearfully thanking Dec for carrying the can while he was out of action.

And despite the pair saying last year that Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway 2019 was being axed, their enormous Takeaway tour bus was spotted outside the ITV studio yesterday, complete with all the show’s branding emblazoned down its side.

Let’s just hope that Ant wasn’t driving it.