DESPITE local legislation being passed banning the practice, greedy beach goers are still getting up at the crack of dawn to bag a top spot on the front line of Calpe’s beaches.

Generally someone from the group (often a grandparent) is going down first thing and placing their umbrella on the waters edge then returning to their accommodation for breakfast before they all take up their prime spot at a more hospitable hour.

The municipal ordinance states that unattended parasols and other equipment cannot be left before 9.30am. Apart from complaints from other beach users, the kit is also making the morning cleaning crews job difficult. Social networks have had many outraged comments and photos showing the offenders actions and it is hoped that, as with last year, the Local Police get involved and confiscate the items. The practice is also subject to a €250 fine.

A diver off the coast of Calpe was lucky to escape very serious injury after being struck in the head by a jet ski which had illegally encroached into an area where powered vessels are barred.

Mikel Callejas Soria, an annual visitor to Calpe for several decades from his native Bilbao, was fishing underwater close to the Principe de Asturias paseo when he felt a massive blow to the head as he rose to the surface.


Thankfully he remained conscious and was even able to see the culprit, a jet ski with two occupants. They had fallen into the water after the impact but rather than stop and help Mikel they clambered back on their vehicle and sped off. The victim made his way to shore and received treatment at the medical centre where he required six staples in a head wound, though all agree it could have been much worse. Mikel had been filming at the time and recorded the incident; this has been passed on to the Guardia Civil who have opened an investigation.

A picture of a turtle that died after becoming trapped in a wooden pallet off the coast of Javea has been widely distributed on social media, prompting outcries from many.

The creature was spotted off Cala de la Granadella last weekend and had become entangled between the pallet’s wooden spars, probably dying either from the heat or from not being able to submerge.

Most people are aware of the dangers of plastic to marine life but this shows that even seemingly more environmentally friendly materials such as wood still pose a danger and should be properly disposed of.

THE Valencian town hall is hoping to raise two million euros in property tax by identifying buildings that are wrongly listed as exempt across the city for religious reasons.

The vast majority of these belong to the Catholic church and while places of worship and buildings used for charitable work such as Caritas social centres will remain exempt, many church owned properties are being used for commercial purposes.

They are being rented out as for anything from bike hire shops to hostels and are escaping IBI tax simply because they are listed as “religious buildings”. The council believe there may be as much as 1,700 such buildings across the city but admit the task of identifying them and confirming their purpose will be laborious.

AN investigative documentary by Spanish TV station RTVE has found that over 40 families have been taken in by a holiday rental scam in the Marina Alta and La Safor areas of the Valencian Community.

“La Mañana” broadcast showed how the online scam advertised non-existent properties for rent in Denia, Javea and Oliva, asking for a deposit to secure the holiday rental, always less than €400 to avoid it falling into the area of serious fraud.

A few days before the holiday was due to start the “home owner” would contact the customer and say that the property had been repossessed by the bank and their deposit would be returned in good time. Of course it never was, and the programme estimates that the scammer had collected around €24,000 prior to the programme being broadcast.

FOUR new safety rings have now been installed on Playa Albir, an initiative of the l’Alfas Beaches Department and the private firm Instituto de Educacion Deportiva SL.

The lifebuoys are located at the watchtower, the end of Calle San Sebastian Bach and on the border with Altea and have 30 metre tethers to help lifeguards rescue anyone who gets into difficulty close to shore. Councillor for Beaches Luis Morant oversaw the installation this week, saying it improves coastal safety measures at the busiest time of the year.

FOUR year old Calpe resident Triana Matilla Ruiz has shown she is as generous as she is brave by asking friends and family to donate money to a local cancer charity rather than buy her presents.

 Little Triana overcame a serious bone marrow disease and wanted to give something back, and this week presented cheques totalling €150 to the president of the Calpe branch of the AECC, the Spanish Association Against Cancer.  Maria Ferrer gratefully accepted the donation saying “the awareness of this girl and her family after going through a serious illness and now wanting to help other children is a credit to them all”.

A 32 year old man who tried to kill his ex-wife in Denia has died in hospital a day after attempting suicide.

The initial attack occurred last Wednesday after the man broke into the 26 year old’s apartment on the Saladar Paseo and waited for her by hiding under a bed. When she returned home he came out of hiding and an altercation started, while her mother, who intervened, was also stabbed near the heart but survived.
The attacker then ingested salfuman, a heavy duty cleaning product that contains hydrochloric acid. He was arrested and taken straight to hospital but died on Thursday morning in Denia Hospital.

A major network of marijuana farms has been broken up by the Guardia Civil, consisting of 54,000 mature plants being grown in Alicante, Murcia and Almeria.

11 arrests were made in several towns including the Alicante municipalities of San Juan, Elda, Denia, Campello and Petrer. The operation dated back to September 2017 when a number of farms were raided in Almeria. The Guardia made arrests but had reason to believe these were part of a larger network, which triggered the current investigation.

The latest farms were all well away from urban areas and some hid their true purpose by planting tomatoes and other legitimate crops with the marijuana hidden behind them. As well as the plants the police found 71 kilos of hashish, 2.5 kilos of ecstasy, six vehicles used for delivery and a starter gun as well as various electronic goods.

VOLUNTEERS started in various different Marina Alta towns and villages last Sunday on a well planned rubbish collection trip

 Organised by #Mojate, which arranged similar collection on the beaches, Orba, Benidoleig, Sanet i Negrals, Benimeli, Rafol and Tormos were the bases as they covered fields, roads and paths. However there was so much rubbish scattered around that the group were unable to complete all the proposed route. In the end over half a ton of waste was collected in four hours which was then sorted for recycling where possible. An organiser said that we all play a part “The majority of this rubbish has come from ordinary homes and householders”.