Aries 21st Mar – 20th Apr – Three of Cups

Celebrations are in the air for you this week take time and think what you can help out with as there are those around you that cannot cope with all the running around this will cause. A younger person will be most helpful and will support you when needed. Blue is lucky

Lucky Number 12


Taurus 21st Apr – 21st May – The Star

A very lucky card for you this week this is a time to push some boundaries and get things finalised. There will be a shift in mood for those around you which will seem a big relief as this will help you in many ways. Thinking of adopting a cat ? there will be an opportunity

Lucky Number 08


Gemini 22nd May – 21st June – Seven of Swords

You really need to keep plans quiet unless you accept others will be stealing your ideas this week surround yourself with true friends and all will be well. An acquaintance will ask a favour, think twice before parting with any of your hard earned cash. Red will be lucky

Lucky Number 17


Cancer 22nd June – 22nd July – The Tower

This is a great time to have a clear out, physically and mentally, about time too you have been becoming stuck in a bit of a rut and others are not helping, time to say goodbye to any negative friends and focus on the future with those who wish to help. Green is lucky

Lucky Number 29


Leo 23rd July – 22nd Aug – Strength

You seem to be helping others out this week and in turn you will find out some interesting news which will help you out in different ways. Remember to take time for you though. A short trip to water will clear your head & give you the strength you need to help others out

Lucky Number 22

Virgo 23rd Aug – 22nd Sept – Two of Wands

Travel figures highly this week and it is looking good, however take the short delays as part of the journey and enjoy some peace. Not easy to find time on your own this week so plan ahead and all will be well. As you notice a round window a new friend will be made

Lucky Number 22



Libra 23rd Sept – 22nd Oct – Ace of Wands

Any interview or exam will go well, your health is improving and this will continue all down to a positive frame of mind. Some delays where transport will slow you down mid week. A green door will bring you luck, but then this week seems to be all about luck and positivity

Lucky Number 32



Scorpio 23rd Oct – 21st Nov – Death

This card talks about big changes coming in your life, death of a situation not a physical death, so lookout for those hints and signs to lead you into a new and exciting part of your life. A new adventure planned now will work out exceptionally well. Purple will be lucky

Lucky Number  36



Sagittarius 22nd Nov – 20th Dec – Four of Swords

Your health will be your main concern this week get yourself checked out and make those changes that have already been suggested. A young person with dark hair will help you out there. This is a time of reflection and calm, take that on board and the week will be good


Lucky Number 13

Capricorn 21st Dec – 19th Jan – Two of Coins

This week will be about learning once again to balance or reorganise your financial matters, check pensions and insurances to make sure they are still serving you well. A change of employment (or hobby if not working) will be offered, a new pathway for you
Lucky Number  31

Aquarius 20th Jan – 19th Feb – Ten of Cups

This week seems to be full of family and friends, not much time to relax as younger members demand your time. Happy times ahead even plans to take a short break. Thursday could see minor disagreements but let them blow over as nothing serious

Lucky number 40



Pisces 20th Feb – 20th Mar – King of Wands

Take time to plan and be organised as things could quite easily become too frantic this week. Others will demand more time of you and this will benefit you ultimately if you can make the time. Whatever the weather you will find the sun shining in your heart, great week

Lucky Number  33


Five French holidaymakers aged between 18 & 19 have been arrested on the alleged charge of gang-raping a 20-year-old Norwegian woman on Wednesday night in Benidorm.

Police said they received a call on Wednesday from staff at the local health centre in L’Alfàs del Pi, where she, along with a  friend had gone after midnight telling the nurses that she had been assaulted. She was later transferred to Villajoyosa hospital where she received treatment and a medical examination was carried out.

The Norwegian girls said they met the French teenagers through social media and then in person in Benidorm, after which the group ended up in the apartment where the suspects were staying.

The Guardia Civil after investigating the matter, went to the flat and arrested all the suspects at 4am.

They appeared court on Thursday: However, court officials could not be contacted for comment. The case continues

X Factor star Danny Tetley has been arrested for ‘asking a child to send him sexual images’ via social media.

The singer turned himself in to police in Bradford after they had contacted his mother trying to track him down.

Danny, 37, who has been open about his past in the media, has been working in Benidorm this summer doing two shows a night.

Since the arrest earlier this summer, he’s been bailed three times as police continue to investigate the case. He confirmed that he has given his phone to the police as part of the ongoing investigation.

West Yorkshire police report that “proceedings are active”.

Mr.Tetley insists he’s not guilty and claims “Someone is trying to set me up,” adding, “This kind of thing has gone on for ages because people don’t like to see me do well.

A man was caught on film fly-tipping a fridge/freezer by throwing it  down a ravine in Almería.

In the video, filmed by a friend he/they can be heard laughing and joking & singing about recycling and how many ‘somersaults’ it will do on the way down.

He has been fined and €45,000, dismissed from his job at the waste disposal company & forced to drag it back after he was identified by the Guardia Civil environmental division, “SEPRONA” – (Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza, is a unit of the Spanish Civil Guard responsible for nature conservation)

The company may also face heavy fines, as the Guardia upon further inspection found over 45 washing machines and 20 or more fridge/freezers and no visible means for the disposal or any records of previous recycling in an proper & authorised manner.

Older Fridges, freezers & air conditioning units are some of the most toxic of domestic goods if not recycled correctly.

A second video filmed by the Guardia Civil showed the men struggling to drag it back up the deep ravine where he had thrown it.

With more than thirty years of history behind it, this musical pyrotechnic event has a huge reputation among residents and visitors of the Valencian Community.

On Saturday the 10th August 2019, the traditional Castell de l’Olla, takes place in Altea. Organised every year by the brotherhood of the same name of the Alicante town, this show brings together more than 50,000 people

In recent years the Castell de l’Olla has begun to add new touches as a way of attracting more visitors. One of these is for boats to be hired to go out to sea & admire this event.

This year the city of Altea presents the 33rd edition of the Fireworks at l’Olla beach The spectacle begins at midnight, although many will be getting to the beach even during the day to find the best spot to wait and enjoy the show.

The Castell de l’Olla is recognized with the distinction of the Merit Tourist Award, in the gold category of the 1999’s edition, granted by the Provincial Tourist Board of the Costa Blanca and in 2007 has been declared a holiday of tourist interest of the community by the Valencian government.

Below is a map for parking areas designated for the evening and also the FGV tram schedule for the night.

Aries 21st Mar – 20th Apr – Four of Swords

You may be lacking energy this week and feel you need to rest, there will be times when this is possible but do your best to keep up with the mundane tasks you are set.  Don’t know which way to turn? just get started on something and all will work out for the best

Lucky Number 12


Taurus 21st Apr – 21st May – Ten of Cups

This week will be all about family (including pets) and they will be taking up your precious time, however one of them will point the way mid week to a more positive future for you. A man in a red jacket will make your day and bring many laughs for you and your family

Lucky Number 09


Gemini 22nd May – 21st June – Three of Wands

Any travel you do or plan will bring you luck and maybe a new love. Work or hobbies seem to be getting boring just now, get out there and do something new. Let people know how much you care and the rewards will be many. A surprise visitor will bring good news for you

Lucky Number 34


Cancer 22nd June – 22nd July – The Magician 

Even your most whacky ideas will work out for you this week, go with your gut, trust your intuition and you will have a fun week.  Going into a strange building will bring amazing enlightenment for you and set you off on a new adventure, laughter is the order of the week

Lucky Number 02


Leo 23rd July – 22nd Aug – Wheel of Fortune

Those jobs you are putting off need catching up with, get on with them as you will find you are are heading for a busy time. Your partner will need more time and you will have to find a balance between your personal interests. Take time out later in the week to relax.

Lucky Number 17

Virgo 23rd Aug – 22nd Sept – Ten of Wands

You may feel pulled in many directions this week, make a list and work through it and remember you cannot please everyone all the time, you will need patience. The hills/mountains and countryside will be beckoning later in the week, make time and enjoy

Lucky Number 06



Libra 23rd Sept – 22nd Oct  –   Five of Wands

Small arguments will bother you at the beginning of the week, however remember they will be small and not worth reacting to, there may be a gossip around don’t tell anything you don’t want to be shared. The end of the week will end on a much calmer and happier note

Lucky Number 22



Scorpio 23rd Oct – 21st Nov – The Devil

Those around you will need to stand back as you seem to be having some serious mood swings just now. A lady will give you some sound advice i hope you will take in good faith as she is doing her best to help. A last minute trip out will serve to put you in a good humour.

Lucky Number  14



Sagittarius 22nd Nov – 20th Dec – The Lovers

A relationship may feel a little strained this week however don’t blow this out of proportion and all will settle down once again. Keep your focus on the positive side of life and others will respond accordingly. Things will look up at the end of this week and help put things right
Lucky Number 15

Capricorn 21st Dec – 19th Jan – Ace of Wands

Those of you looking for employment or a major change in your life will be pleasantly surprised by opportunities coming your way. Your intuition is heightened this week and you will instinctively know the best route for you personally. The colour dark blue will be lucky
Lucky Number  17

Aquarius 20th Jan – 19th Feb – Nine of Swords

Those of you not sleeping properly will find true rest and sleep well as the planets shift this week, bringing you calm and tranquility. However your days will be busy as everything seems to be happening quickly and all at once. Positive opportunities around Wednesday

Lucky number 10



Pisces 20th Feb – 20th Mar – Ace of Coins

Always a lucky card representing money and financial affairs, a gift will come out of the blue and a new friend will be found. do not be too rash in your decisions mid week as mistakes are easy to make and hard to rectify. A change within your diet will help your heath


Lucky Number  11


Five Man United fans were arrested at Alicante airport, heading for a short break in Benidorm.

Spanish police detained them after arrest warrant was issued early last month by a Seville court  for non appearance in court, for crimes allegedly committed in that city in  February 2018 when Man Utd played a Champions League tie against Sevilla in the city. Ending in a 0-0 draw.

The arrests took place on July 12th 2019, although the police only went public about the detentions in a press release yesterday the 1st August 2019.

They were originally bailed without any travel restrictions but ordered to turn up for their trial after they were arrested back in February 2018.

A National Police spokesman said:

“National Police have arrested five British men at Alicante-Elche Airport after they arrived on a flight from Manchester. They are aged 30 to 32.
There was a warrant out for their arrests, which had been issued by a court in Seville after they failed to turn up for a trial after they were accused of public disorder offences, criminal damage and assaulting police which they allegedly committed in Seville in February last year.
The suspects were accused of throwing stones against the front of a hotel causing damage to it. Before being arrested they allegedly pushed a number of motorbikes parked in the vicinity to the ground. After a chase on foot through the streets of Seville, police managed to arrest them. When they were arrested they resisted and damaged a police vehicle”.

“They were held as they touched down on Spanish soil and have been handed over to the judiciary so the courts can decide the next move.”

Spanish Courts only deal with emergency cases in August when most judges are away on holiday and judicial officials said they were unable to offer any information on the case or the current whereabouts of the five British men.

Evan Davies, a consultant spinal surgeon from University Hospital Southampton has warned holidaymakers of the “life-changing” dangers posed by water parks and shallow diving during their summer breaks.

Adding that “A moment of madness” can lead to major injuries and paralysis, which often can’t be reversed.

Evan Davies, recently operated on a patient who had fractured his spine diving into hidden rocks in Croatia.

He also highlighted the case of 23-year-old David Briffaut, who snapped two vertebrae in his neck on a head-first water slide in Aqualandia, Benidorm, Spain.

“Make your own assessment” he said….adding,
“What can often look on the face of it to be a quick and innocent thrill on these attractions can have potential to cause significant injury – that is something any impact head-on at high speed can cause. My message would be to remember that health warnings won’t be high on the agenda at many holiday attractions and destinations and, in many countries, regulations and monitoring can vary greatly. So, carry out a quick assessment of your own when visiting attractions such as water parks and, if you have a doubt about safety, avoid it.”

Aries 21st Mar – 20th Apr – Three of Wands

Looks like travel is on your mind, a last minute decision will be a good thing for you. Your patience will be tried on Tuesday do your best to stay calm and all will work out for you. A change of style will make you feel much better, but hey this will be a really positive week

Lucky Number 22


Taurus 21st Apr – 21st May – Six of Wands

Some plans will come together and you will be feeling good about yourself. A new long lasting relationship will come into your life, could be a new love or a very close friendship, and will help you see life in a much more positive light. Purple will be lucky for you just now

Lucky Number 34


Gemini 22nd May – 21st June – Eight of Swords

It seems you have been holding yourself back from doing certain things so that you don’t  upset others, now is the time to move forward with these plans and others will go with them too. A pet may need extra time at end of this week. A neighbour will be most helpful

Lucky Number 03


Cancer 22nd June – 22nd July – Five of Swords

You may want to disappear into your shell at times this week as someone close will be very argumentative, do your best to keep smiling as the tables are about to be turned and you will be the victor in some dispute.  News of a pregnancy/birth will surprise and please you

Lucky Number 09


Leo 23rd July – 22nd Aug – The Hierophant

Everything you do this week will work out well and as they say you will come up smelling of roses. A few wise words to friends will help them out immensely so choose your words carefully, some of this advice you could do to use yourself too. Lucky colour this week Red

Lucky Number 23

Virgo 23rd Aug – 22nd Sept –  Eight of Wands

Celebrations are in the air so be ready to go out there and party, also a wedding date will be set. Looks like a great time to go buy that outfit you have been fancying. Work issues will begin to sort themselves out quite well and life will be looking much brighter for you.

Lucky Number 13



Libra 23rd Sept – 22nd Oct – The Hermit

You may find you are the only person you can rely on this week as others seem too busy to chat or socialise. However you will find a new friend & have a pleasant week all round. Trust your intuition as it will guide you well in a time of some confusion at end of the week

Lucky Number 28



Scorpio 23rd Oct – 21st Nov – Queen of Cups 

you will be busy catering for others this week even though you may not want to, but will be rewarded with happy memories and be pleased you did. A younger member of the family will need some assistance, help if you can but no need to open your purse they need to learn

Lucky Number  04



Sagittarius 22nd Nov – 20th Dec – The Star

Possibly the luckiest card in the deck so you can be assured of an entertaining and happy time with others. Look for small miracles happening they seem to be all around you. A young person will share some joy with you toward end of week, sounds like a fun week 
Lucky Number 32

Capricorn 21st Dec – 19th Jan – Page of Pentacles

A younger person will be sharing some exciting news this week, be happy for them. Projects you started a while ago will begin to show improvements and you will feel as though you are moving forward at last. Thursday will be a great day to do something new
Lucky Number  24

Aquarius 20th Jan – 19th Feb – The Magician

You are beginning to see what a good position you are in to ask for a raise or for favours this week. Take time to be sure you know what you want to do as your plans will work out well. A meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday will go well and you will feel the benefit of this 

Lucky number 08



Pisces 20th Feb – 20th Mar – Five of Wands

There is a need for you to ignore some gossip and not get involved with the gossipers this week. Take note of your dreams and write them down as a helpful message will be in them. Family is showing as more important and visible this week, expect the unexpected

Lucky Number  21


Unsurprisingly we at Sun Lawyers get loads of queries and clients over the subject of wills and inheritance tax in Spain.

The Spanish legal system is very different to what happens in other countries like the UK, and we have the experience to give you exactly THE advice you need over inheritance law and the taxes that are involved.

You must have a Spanish will if have any assets in Spain, and we recently got a letter from a gentleman about the sad story of his wife passing away and she had not made a Spanish will involving her property in this country.

That has sadly seen extra stress for him at a time when he does not need it, and has cost him thousands of euros to sort everything out.

Putting it simply, we advise everybody with assets in Spain to make a Spanish will.

This guarantees the inheritance procedure is straightforward and less costly, and we will arrange a consultation with you and any family members, in order to understand and help achieve your wishes.

Crucially, we like to personally meet with our clients to discuss their particular situation, as very few situations are exactly the same.
We understand this is a very sensitive subject and we want to make the whole process as easy as possible, so that you can carry on enjoying your life in Spain.
Inheritance law also varies from region to region, and we can sort out what has to be done in the Valencian region.

EU citizens living in Spain, as well as a number of non-EU countries, can now choose whether the law of their home country or their country of residence applies.

If a foreign resident dies without leaving a will or making an official declaration on which law they wish to apply, the law of the country where they resided for the last five years will apply.
If your estate is dealt with under Spanish inheritance law, forced heirship rules apply (known as the Law of Obligatory Heirs in Spain). This means there are restrictions on how you distribute your estate, as a certain percentage needs to be set aside for certain relatives.

If you die without leaving a Spanish will, the laws of intestate succession apply. In Spanish succession law, this means that the estate will be inherited by the following (taking into account the Law of Obligatory Heirs):-
children of the deceased;
*  if there are no children, the parents;
*  if no children or parents, the surviving spouse;
*  if there are none of these, then the next closest blood relatives (up to a fourth-grade limit in the family tree).
*  If there are no legal beneficiaries from any of these groups, then Spanish state inherits the estate!

We again emphasise that you must get a Spanish will if you have property or other assets over here.
It will save time at a stressful period, and also allows the distribution of your assets to go to the people that you want to benefit, rather than potentially ending up in government coffers!

Making a Spanish will also allow us to sort out what levels of inheritance tax are likely to be paid, and we will look at ways of lowering your tax liability.

There are many ways of doing that, and that is why every single case is different and we treat everybody as individuals with a personal touch.

We have absolutely scratched the surface of this important subject, but our advice is to get a Spanish will if you have not got one already!

Sun Lawyers is a Spanish law firm with more than 30 years of experience and several offices across the Costa Blanca, with a team of English-speaking lawyers representing both residents and non-residents of Spain in all aspects of legal, fiscal and property law.


Contact Sun Lawyers via email at
or phone + 34 965 321 193 .
The website is: