I know of somebody who cannot eat eggs because decades ago he discovered a chick´s foetus in one, and so I wonder what he´d make of a West Midlands teenager who managed to hatch a chick from a free-range egg?

William Atkins, 14, successfully reared a duckling after buying 12 Gladys-May’s Braddock Whites free range duck eggs from Waitrose.

The teenager placed the £2.30 eggs in an incubator he purchased from eBay for £40 and then waited three days until he finally detected a heartbeat.

William, from Sutton Coldfield, said:-‘From then on the unborn duckling grew bigger inside the shell every day. Just over three weeks later the egg began rocking and a few days after that, the tiny duckling pecked its way out.’

The chick has been named Jeremy, which left William feeling ‘over the moon’, though his mum has told him to give it to a local farm once it gets older!

A 30-year-old woman who fell into the sea off a Costa Calida cliff who saved by a Guardia Civil officer who dived into the water.

The drama unfolded on Monday afternoon in the Cartagena area at Cala Fria close to the landmark Cabo de Palos lighthouse, with the woman falling around 25 metres for reasons unknown.

Emergency services scrambled to the scene, after a waiter at a bar saw what happened and phoned them.

Amongst the Guardia Civil team was an officer, 45-year-old Amorós Morales, who swam around 100 metres to get to the woman and pulled her along and out of the water to some rocks.

He kept her as warm as possible by hugging her, amidst concern that she would die of hypothermia.

Cartagena firefighters then arrived to take her to Santa Lucia hospital where she is recovering well

“We are there to save people´s lives,” said Amorós. “It was a question of life and death, and I took the decision that I had to go into the water to save her”.

Bernardo Montoya, 50, has been arrested in connection with the murder of 26-year-old teacher, Laura Luelo, whose half-naked body was dumped close to the village of El Campillo in south-western Andalucia.

Montoya, who was only released from jail in October, after serving time for violent robbery, had a previous conviction for murder.

The criminal was detained after a car chase and was then caught after running away on foot by the Guardia Civil.

Laura had travelled 500 kms from the north-western city of Zamora to take up her first full-time job, and her disappearance last week from her school, where she only started work on December 3rd, sparked a search by other 200 volunteers and police officers.

Her body was found in some bushes, and she appeared to have been strangled as well as sexually assaulted.

A third sexual assault on women in the streets of San Pedro del Pinatar over the last month has this time seen an arrest after the recent attacks have resulted in no detentions.

The assaults in the Mar Menor town have a seen a man trying to rape a woman whilst threatening her with a knife, only to be scared off by a passing vehicle, whilst in another case, the victim had to be taken to Los Arcos hospital, after being thrown to the ground by three men.

The latest incident saw a 37-year-old Spaniard detained by the Guardia Civil, as he lunged on the woman who was walking, with a baby buggy, along Calle Primo de Rivera.

As in a previous attack, a motorist saw what was going on and got out of his car to stop the attacker, and held him down until the local police and Guardia Civil arrived on the scene.


NEARLY 300 bars and betting establishments have been raided across the Valencia region in the last week in a move to stop illegal screenings of football matches, with bars being closed down in Benidorm.

The National Police raids were part of a nationwide push called Operation Themys timed to coincide with last week’s Champions League and Europa League games, and this week´s Caribou Cup clashes.

Over a hundred bars have been targetted in Alicante Province, with over 70 in the Benidorm area, which is mainly used by British residents.

A Benidorm sweep took place on Tuesday night(December 18th), which saw a number of establishments closed down, and owners hauled up before a judge.

Torrevieja, Alicante City, Alcoy, and Elche have also been targetted for raids.

The move was led by the Cyber Crime division of the National Police after inspectors commissioned by La Liga uncovered over four thousand establishments across Spain using illegal equipment during the summer.

Those places were written to and asked to stop or to get a license for the screening of live football.

Almost half of the bars ignored the letter, and so La Liga made a formal complaint to the National Police, who started to stage the raids last week, which included Tuesday night´s sweep of Benidorm..

La Liga claims that illegal viewing is costing them around 500 million euros a year, as people do not bother to subscribe to official carriers like Movistar, Vodafone, and Orange, though the raids have mainly happened during the screening of non-Spanish fixtures.

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