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NEARLY 300 bars and betting establishments have been raided across the Valencia region in the last week in a move to stop illegal screenings of football matches, with bars being closed down in Benidorm.

The National Police raids were part of a nationwide push called Operation Themys timed to coincide with last week’s Champions League and Europa League games, and this week´s Caribou Cup clashes.

Over a hundred bars have been targetted in Alicante Province, with over 70 in the Benidorm area, which is mainly used by British residents.

A Benidorm sweep took place on Tuesday night(December 18th), which saw a number of establishments closed down, and owners hauled up before a judge.

Torrevieja, Alicante City, Alcoy, and Elche have also been targetted for raids.

The move was led by the Cyber Crime division of the National Police after inspectors commissioned by La Liga uncovered over four thousand establishments across Spain using illegal equipment during the summer.

Those places were written to and asked to stop or to get a license for the screening of live football.

Almost half of the bars ignored the letter, and so La Liga made a formal complaint to the National Police, who started to stage the raids last week, which included Tuesday night´s sweep of Benidorm..

La Liga claims that illegal viewing is costing them around 500 million euros a year, as people do not bother to subscribe to official carriers like Movistar, Vodafone, and Orange, though the raids have mainly happened during the screening of non-Spanish fixtures.

The Weekender will keep you up to date with any further developments.

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