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A British professional cyclist was left seriously injured in a roadside ravine, after a horrific collision with a van, whilst on a training ride on the outskirts of Callosad’enSarria.

Scott Auld from Stockton on Tees, a rider with Ribble Pro Racing, was with a group of other cyclists when the accident occurred last week.

According to Guardia Civil officers who were called to the scene, the four friends were cycling together in the vicinity of KM 50,700 of the CV-715 highway, when one of the group was struck by a van travelling in the opposite direction.

During the incident, described by the police as a ‘collision by scraping’, Scott was hit by the van, which the group said was partly on their side of the road, and sent catapaulting from his bike into a deep ravine at the side of the road.

In an interview with his, local paper, the Darlington & Stockton Times, Scott described how he was lucky to escape without life threatening injuries,

“We were riding two abreast and around a swooping left-hand corner, doing 50 to 55kph,” said the cyclist.

“A van came around in the opposite direction, about a metre or two onto our side of the road, I remember seeing him coming as clear as day.”

“We braked, readjusted and for a split-second I thought ‘we’ve missed him’. I was second wheel and my friend’s arm caught the wing mirror. It completely smashed apart. As I was turning he has clipped my back wheel and I have flown over my friend.

“The last thing I remember was flying towards this signpost and thinking ‘this is really going to hurt’ and I clipped the signpost and landed on rocks and stuff.”

He told the paper, he was found by a team-mate lying face down in a pool of blood.

“Luckily, one of our friends was about a minute behind, he came down and saw all the bikes in the road. He said at first he didn’t even know where I was. He was like: ‘Where’s Scott?’

“He looked over the ravine and he saw me lying face down in a pool of blood. He woke me up and we eventually got an ambulance out and I was taken to Benidorm hospital.

“At the time, because I was full of adrenaline, I didn’t think it was too bad. But then about nine people came and stood around me and I thought ‘Oooh, I must be pretty banged up’.”

Scott, who is due to compete in a UCI race in France on March 10 and three of his fellow cyclists were taken to the Marina Baixa Hospital in Villajoyosa, for treatment, but three days later, determined to be fit for the event, he confirmed on his twitter account that he’d completed an eight kilometre walk. “The main issue is sight, I can’t really see anything,” he said. “I have a cast on my arm, but it doesn’t hurt, said the cyclist, “I will take it day by day, but I want to be back training as soon as possible, I don’t want to be missing too much time for a stupid accident like this.”

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