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A four-man British gang that grew and sold drugs in the south of Alicante Province to sell to fellow expats in the Benidorm area has been arrested by the Guardia Civil.

A fifth man is on the run and an international arrest warrant has been issued for his detention, with the other gang members being refused bail after a court hearing.

A three-month operation led to the Brits being detained in Los Montesinos, Guardamar, and Rojales after officers spotted compost bags outside a Los Montesinos villa that they suspected was being used for growing marijuana.

The Guardia launched a detailed surveillance of the address, and they spotted cars coming and going on a daily basis, taking the drugs to Benidorm.

Investigations uncovered two other indoor marijuana farms in Guardamar and Rojales,.with a premium variety of plant, known as Monster, being used that could grow twice as much marijuana as other plants.

Stashes of drugs, plants, and cash were seized in the Guardia raids, as well as two cars, a boat, and 10 thousand euros in cash.

The men have been charged with a crime against public health; money laundering; producing fake documents; the illegal possession of weapons, and belonging to a criminal gang.

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