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WAITING times for CAT scans at Denia Hospital have dramatically fallen thanks to a new state of the art machine arriving in the radiology department.

Patients needing non-emergency scans will now wait an average of 19 days – rather than 90 before the installation of the €200,000 technology, with further reductions likely.

Denia Hospital has also been chosen as a specialist training centre on the Siemens manufactured machine; with technicians scheduled to arrive from across Spain to learn how to use the scanner.

The Masonic Home of Valencia Association paid half the cost of the scanner in partnership with the hospital and on Wednesday representatives of the association and its fund raising team from the Moraira Charity Shop attended its official unveiling.

The scanner was presented to Denia to help speed up the potentially life-saving diagnosis of tumours by oncologists and to aid cancer patients; but it is on duty 24 hours a day for emergency use and help successfully cut waiting times for non-urgent appointments.

Jenny Hart, President of the Masonic Home of Valencia Association, said she was “extremely impressed” with the operation of the new technology and how it was helping all patients. “The other machine is nine years old – nine years is a very long time in terms of new technology”.

She said: “Absolutely, this was money well spent. It is unbelievable how waiting times have come down and when everyone becomes even more proficient, they will be coming down even more.

“I like the way it is available 24 hours a day; this is brilliant, I am so proud and extremely chuffed we have helped to make such a difference.”

Isabel Erades, Chief Nurse in the Radiology Department, explained how the machine could be operated from a tablet and was able to reduce the levels of radiation patients were exposed to, in line with new European Union laws coming into force in the New Year.

“This is already in use every day and we complement the other older scanner if there is a high level of demand,” she said. “We are trying to avoid delays for appointments, especially those from the oncology department.

“There is very different software to the other machine and we are constantly improving our training because it has so many more applications; it was very important to start slowly and we are trying to better our understanding.”

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