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It doesn´t matter what job you do, you need a break. It´s as simple as that, but a Lincolnshire copper has been forced to turn to Twitter to justify a hard-earned cup of coffee after working more than seven hours without a break.

Sergeant Mike Templeman had been on an ‘extremely busy’ shift when his team popped for a drink in the early hours of Sunday morning.

But one member of the public sitting in the outlet was not happy at the officer’s on-shift refreshment.

Mike´s tweet said: ‘7 1/2 hours into an extremely busy shift with no breaks and a couple of the team managed a quick coffee between jobs, but drank it in the shop in order to respond to any other incidents. While dutifully ignoring the “What a waste of my taxes” comment as we left.’

Sgt Templeman dismissed the coffee shop remark as ‘just a cheap shot’ to ‘get a reaction’, and he must have been delighted at the big social media support that he got.

Incidentally, the complainant must never have watched any cop shows on the TV, as officers always try to grab a quick drink on-shift, and the number of times they have to chuck them away to respond to a call seems to be limitless!

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