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THREE CROATIANS have been arrested in San Miguel de Salinas over a series of house robberies in the south of Alicante Province.

Two women and a man were detained by the Guardia Civil after several homes were robbed in Santa Pola, with the trio hiring rental cars in order to reduce their chances of being detected.

The vehicles were hired under false names and the crooks would then go back to the rental company and simply change them to another model.

The rental switches though proved to be their undoing, as the Guardia tracked down their last car to an outlet in San Miguel, and went to their rental property in the municipality to arrest them.

A check on police databases revealed that a 29-year-old man had used six different identities, whilst a 28-year-old woman had gone through five name changes.

One of the trio was the subject of a European arrest order for committing similar crimes in Croatia, with the two women remanded into custody after appearing before a judge.

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