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TWO people died and there were a number of injuries on the Valencia Community’s road system last Friday. In the first incident a 17 year old girl was killed in Valencia after being struck by a vehicle at the exit of the Gran Via Germanias tunnel, near the Plaza de España in the city centre.

The fatality occurred at around 3.45 in the morning and witnesses say the victim was hit by a taxi, although the police are saying it was a private vehicle. The teenager was treated at the scene and given CPR but died in hospital a few hours later.

Later that same day a 26 year old man was killed and three other people, including a five year old, were injured after an accident in Villena (Alicante). The victim’s vehicle was involved in a head-on collision at about 11.15; the dead man was the only occupant of the car he was driving while the injured were all in the other vehicle, namely the young girl and her parents. The mother needed to be extracted from the vehicle by the fire brigade and all three have been hospitalised.

Meanwhile in the Valencian town of Picanya two youths have been arrested after the car they were travelling in hit a wall and ended up blocking the middle of the road, completely written off. The driver has been charged with driving without a licence, driving under the influence of marijuana and cocaine and reckless driving. His companion has also been arrested as police say he was aware that his friend was under the influence and had no valid licence. The vehicle blocked the road for several hours before it could be moved.

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