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GATWICK airport remains closed for safety reasons and around 100,000 passengers face severe disruption on one of the busiest UK travel weeks of the year. 

All flights on Wednesday night were cancelled due to two drones being flown above the landing and take-off airspace. By Thursday lunchtime one device was still active on a day when 760 flights and 110,000 passengers are due to arrive or depart Gatwick.

Sussex police are trying to deal with the remaining drone which has been described as an “industrial size device” and not one you could purchase from a high-street outlet.  Actions such as shooting it down would be too big a risk due to stray bullets, a spokesman said.

Inbound flights have been diverted where possible and extra staff drafted in to deal with the chaos at the airport. However, there are concerns that even if the situation is resolved shortly the knock-on effect could mean disruption for several days on the Christmas run-up.

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