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THE “Weekender” obtained an exclusive interview with staff at an Albir bar on Camino Viejo de Altea who witnessed a serious stabbing incident in the premises last Friday involving two British men.

Editor in Chief Marco Baiardo spoke to Marianne and her aunt who were both working in the establishment at the time of the incident, about 10.30 in the morning.

The incident began when there was a group of six young British men who had been eating breakfast and drinking when there was a dispute about the bill. At this time the 46-year-old suspect, a British expatriate who Marianne described as a regular and never any trouble before, became involved. The argument quickly escalated and the victim, aged 20, was stabbed with a knife and fell to the floor. he was taken by an emergency crew to Marina Baxia Hospital and later transferred to Alicante General Hospital in a critical condition.

Marianne and her aunt spoke of their horror at the attack and how the bar was turned into a crime scene for around an hour and a half. Both women expressed their extreme shock at witnessing the incident and said they were unable to sleep that night, constantly running the event over in their minds. The 46-year-old British national was later arrested the same day by Guardia Civil at his home address in Albir and is remanded in custody awaiting trial.

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