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THERE has been a rise in the local seagull population in Benidorm in recent years, and there is now an estimated two gulls for every resident in the city.  The Department of the Environment is looking at ways to address this issue, as there have been an increasing number of complaints regarding the mess caused by the bird’s droppings as well as the noise their cries make.

Among the proposals on the table is the removal of nests from all public buildings or pricking the eggs to kill the embryonic chicks. However both measures have their critics, and more humane methods suggested include the use of noise and lighting to keep the gulls away.

Part of the reason for the rise in numbers is believed to be due to the decrease in the feral cat population following a programme of sterilisation. Neighbours are also warned that rubbish, particularly foodstuff, will attract the gulls, who are not exactly renowned for their fussy eating habits.

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