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Whilst I´m still wearing countless layers to keep warm, dear old Britain offered the warmest February day on record on Tuesday, as it hit nearly 21 degrees C at Porthmadog in Wales.

But don´t get too jealous, as the temperatures have been falling since then, and the UK tabloid headlines that it´s warmer in Bury as opposed to Barcelona have an old feel about them!

Britain has been sizzling in unseasonably warm temperatures due to the Foehn Effect.

The Met Office says that the Foehn Effect is ‘a change from wet and cold conditions one side of a mountain, to warmer and drier conditions on the other (leeward) side.’ The effect is complex, caused by condensation, turbulent mixing of different air currents and warming by the sun.

So now you know, but we can continue to smile about weather in Spain for 99.9 per cent of the time, as normal service is well and truly resumed in the good old UK!

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