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A twenty-nine-year-old man has been jailed for seven years, with a further ten on probation for the rape of a French tourist in a well-known discotheque on the outskirts of Benidorm.

The court in Alicante heard how the victim, had visited the venue with a group of friends, whilst on a holiday in Calpe last August.

After meeting in the club, the attacker followed the French woman into a toilet cubicle in one of the toilets.

Once inside, he pinned her against the cubicle wall, blocking the exit door and began to kiss and fondle her against her will.

Unable to call for help because the attacker had placed his hand over her mouth, the victim’s statement told how the man proceeded to rape her, even though one of her friends had entered the bathroom to look for her.

Once the aggressor left the scene of the attack, the woman was able to rejoin her friends to describe her ordeal.

The attacker was confronted by the friends of the victim, where a fight ensued, before spilling out onto the venue’s car park, where the attacker was able to flee to his car before leaving the scene.

National Police officers arrived to take statements from the victim, her friends and a doorman from the disco who had witnessed the confrontation.

During the trial earlier this month the accused, maintained his innocence, telling the court the victim was lying and no sex took place.

However, using evidence provided by the victim and witnesses, plus DNA samples from the woman, the court concluded the attack took place.

The convicted man, who was already held in pre-trial detention, was also ordered to pay the victim 15,000€ for physical and psychological damage caused to the victim.

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