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Oh what a night it was for Lady gaga at last week’s Oscar ceremony, as the singer turned actress, not only walked off with a coveted award and made history in the process, but was also one half of the duo who gave the showstopping performance of the night, before finishing up by ending an old feud, with another famous singer …. Wow!!

Gaga’s Oscar for the song ‘Shallow’ from Star is Born, added to the previous four awards she’s received for the movie (Grammy, Bafta, Critics Choice and Golden Globe), means she becomes the first female, to win all five major awards in a single season.

Her Oscar’s performance of the song, with co-star, Bradley Cooper, which contained some seriously intense eye contact between the pair, drew a standing ovation from the crowd and glowing reviews from critics.

Then to end the night, in a moment to set gay men’s hearts a flutter around the World, she accepted her long-time foe, Madonna’s invitation to her after party.

The two have been at loggerheads for years, but never officially fell out, so photos posted on Instagram by both stars showing Madonna hugging a smiling Lady Gaga as she holds her Oscar, surely show the feud is over and the pair are friends again.

Madonna’s photo, coupled with the message ‘Don’t mess with Italian Girls’, tells us all we need to know …. Aaaawwww!!

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