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What security experts have described as Google’s worst ever internet hijack hit the search engine last Monday.  The incident occurred at about 11.30 pm Spanish time and data from cloud hosting, business tools and the search engine itself were all hit.

The hack was traced to servers in China, Russia and Nigeria – all very much the usual suspects for this sort of thing – and may well have been a “war-game experiment”. Worryingly this means a trial run for an all-out attack on the world’s biggest search engine.

Google said it didn’t think the incident was malicious but left the suspicion hanging that data could have been stolen if the hackers had wanted to do so. The only other possible explanation for the breach is human error at Google’s end of things but this has been largely discounted. Many experts agree that any major disruption of telecoms traffic against developed countries would cause greater disruption than a physical terror attack, with many wondering how high up the ladder these hacks are being authorised from. Of course, it could also be a group of 14 year old whiz kids sitting in their bedrooms.

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