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AN important collection of works by the artist Francisco de Goya is being exhibited in Alicante’s Gravina Museum of Fine Arts (MUBAG). The collection consists of 138 engravings by the Zaragosa born artist who painted up to his death in 1828. Many art critics describe Goya as being ahead of his time and his sometimes violent but always striking imagery can be interpreted as anti-war and even anti-bullfighting. The exhibition covers three periods of his works entitled “The Disasters of War” (1810-1820), “The Follies” (1815-1824) and “Bullfighting” (1814-1816). Regarding his war paintings these are graphic images of the horrors of conflict. His bullfighting images are also stunning and many interpret these as showing his distaste for the sport although some feel the opposite is true. If you want to decide for yourself go along to the MUBAG which is in the city centre where the engravings can be viewed until 11 June.

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