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A 30-year-old woman who fell into the sea off a Costa Calida cliff who saved by a Guardia Civil officer who dived into the water.

The drama unfolded on Monday afternoon in the Cartagena area at Cala Fria close to the landmark Cabo de Palos lighthouse, with the woman falling around 25 metres for reasons unknown.

Emergency services scrambled to the scene, after a waiter at a bar saw what happened and phoned them.

Amongst the Guardia Civil team was an officer, 45-year-old Amorós Morales, who swam around 100 metres to get to the woman and pulled her along and out of the water to some rocks.

He kept her as warm as possible by hugging her, amidst concern that she would die of hypothermia.

Cartagena firefighters then arrived to take her to Santa Lucia hospital where she is recovering well

“We are there to save people´s lives,” said Amorós. “It was a question of life and death, and I took the decision that I had to go into the water to save her”.

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