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HEROES at a popular Costa Blanca bar bravely wrestled an armed “madman” to the ground after he terrified Sunday afternoon clients enjoying the sunshine.

Ahmad Nagim Kareem, brandishing a long screwdriver, started knocking over tables and chairs on the terrace of Bar Chillout, near the Mendoza Supermarket in Albir.

Kareem – who was later arrested – twice approached the bar; shouting and screaming he was going to hurt and kill staff.

On the first occasion, police were called, but the suspect vanished before they arrived. About 10 minutes later, Kareem returned and again became agitated and threatening.

A witness told The Weekender: “He screaming he was going to kill this poor woman and staff inside the bar; we were there just enjoying a quiet drink as a family. Suddenly we were faced with this horrible threatening situation – people on the terrace were obviously horrified.

“He again came across the roundabout outside the bar and was very abusive. At that moment, he was approached by a member of staff and a customer who both bravely tried to calm him down.

“However, he continued to swear and shout some crazy things and again was throwing furniture around and this time tried to get inside.”

The witness added: “At that point these two made a sort of citizen’s arrest – they wrestled him to ground and restrained him until the police came.

“This guy was very, very aggressive and there were people who were obviously very scared as to what might happen.”

Kareem, who is understood to live in Albir, was arrested an appeared in court on Monday. He is currently in custody.

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