Has having a sense of humour disappeared from Britain, after a row over an advert that was ruled inappropriate and banned from Nottingham´s buses, which has now suddenly appeared on a billboard.

The Advertising Standards Agency has apparently got two complaints about the air conditioning advert – described by an academic as “plain sexist” – featuring the line: “Your wife is hot!”

It was meant to appear on seven buses in Nottingham but Adverta, which places adverts on buses and trams in the city, blocked it and said it could cause offence.

Lee Davies, who designed the ad, said it was “a little bit of harmless fun”.

Prof Carrie Paechter, director of the Nottingham Centre for Children, Young People and Families, said the advert was “like something out of the 1950s” and called for it to be removed.´

Fun or sexism? What if a bare-chested young bloke with the line “Your husband is hot!” had appeared instead? Would there have been the same uproar?  Great free publicity though for the AV company!

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