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Almost 100 members took part in the latest two sessions of Javea U3A’s Wine Appreciation Group.

Because of its growing popularity, monthly meetings of the group – affectionately known as WAGs 1 and WAGs Too – have to be held on two consecutive days at La Cocina restaurant in the Port – both run by group leader Trevor Rush.

Wines at the most recent meetings were presented by members Mick Cox (WAGs 1) and Trevor Schofield (WAGs Too) – and both were equally well received by appreciative fellow members!

At both meetings, four different wines were sampled, one of which was served up again to accompany a tasty one-course meal prepared by La Cocina staff.

Each month a different member presents his or her choice of wines and, as Trevor Schofield was quick to confess, they do not have to be an expert!

He told guests: “I am not a wine connoisseur – as a Yorkshireman from Huddersfield, I was brought up on Tetley tea and bitter.

“I experimented in making my own wines, my favourites being rhubarb and then dandelion, but my only real experience of proper wine was on holiday. Then I applied logic: I started looking at labels and got to know the terminologies, then the regions, the different grape varieties and the price – before I concluded I had to try them all!”

Trevor then offered up four wines for members to taste – two reds, one white and a rose – from a local bodego and supermarkets, ranging from €1.89 to €4.99.

Group leader Trevor Rush thanked both Mick Cox and Trevor Schofield for their contrasting but equally entertaining presentations.

For details of the next Wine Appreciation Group meetings as well as other groups and activities, visit the website www.u3ajavea.org

Images By: Ian Rogerson

  1. Two Trevors – group leader Mr Rush, right, and member Mr Schofield, left, at WAGs Too

2. WAGs members enjoying their food and wine at the latest wine-tasting meeting

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