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RETIRED professor Norman Thayer has to rise to the challenge of learning a new language when looking after a teenager.

Played by Mike Martin in Javea Players production of On Golden Pond, Norman and his wife Ethel (Rosemary Brown) get to look after Billy for the summer, when daughter Chelsea and her fiancé head off abroad.

The play investigates family relationships and missed opportunities, all wrapped up in wit and humour to make an entertaining evening’s viewing.

Billy (Luke Holmes) is not exactly looking forward to spending the summer at a remote lake with a pair of oldies. However, all three bond and become close friends.

Norman asks what Billy gets up to when not at school and was probably hoping for subtitles when the 13-year-old replies: “Cruise chicks and then suck face”.

The show runs from Tuesday 7th November to Saturday 11th November at the Union Musical de Gata, starting at 8pm each evening.

Tickets are €12.50 and are available online at the ‘booking’ page at www.javeaplayers.com, or by email to boxoffice@javeaplayers.com, or by calling 865 528 551.

Groups of 10 or more will be offered a free drink, rather than a previous discount.

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