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AFTER recent speed reductions across Spain´s national network of highways, comes the news that the General Directorate of Traffic(DGT) has plans to cut speed limits to 20 kilometres per hour on some urban centre roads.

The DGT has recommended many times that speeds in some centres should drop to 20 kilometres per hour, and it appears this may become law.
The proposed legislation will say that 20 kilometres will be the maximum at which driving is permitted on roads where the pavement is on the same level and there is no kerb, a design growing in popularity in many urban hubs when roads are redeveloped.

Speed limits in town centres are likely to reduce to 30 kilometres per hour on single-carriageways and, for dual carriageways in these areas, to 50 kilometres per hour.

Penalties for breaking the limit will become much stiffer – at the moment, the maximum is 300 euros in fines and a loss of two licence points, although ‘minor’ cases of speeding typically attract fines of 100 euros, reducing to 50 euros if paid straight away.

Now, the maximum for speeding will rise to 500 euros and a loss of six licence points.

Effectively, two maximum speeding charges will mean the loss of a driver’s licence altogether.

The DGT says that in 2017 – the most recent period for which statistics are available – a total of 509 people were killed in car accidents in town centres, mostly pedestrians, of whom 80 per cent are considered ‘vulnerable’, such as the elderly or disabled.

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