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A man standing trial in Alicante for a decade old murder has sensationally admitted he carried out the killing but never intended for his victim to die.

In a complicated case that centred around the Ecuadorian community in Novelda the confession came after the prosecution laid out their case. In 2008 the defendant had said he was returning home after a night out when he came across a 19 year old who was involved in a long running family feud. The victim called out to his friends and about ten people attacked him, according to the defendant’s version. He said he had a small knife which he waved to repel the attack and in the confusion the victim was stabbed through the heart, dying within minutes.

The case has been complicated as many of the original witnesses and protagonists have returned to Ecuador or cannot be traced. The accused had been on the run until recently, using his brother’s identification to evade capture. The prosecutors have asked for a 14 year jail sentence for murder while the defence says one to four years would be more appropriate for the crime of manslaughter.

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