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AN 11-year-old British boy who suffers from severe autism has landed a contract with a modelling agency, in spite of his family thinking such a thing was impossible due to his behavioural problems.

Alfie Aldridge had been barred from taking part from school plays and even group photos due to his inability to follow instructions. After his first school admitted they couldn’t control Alfie he was transferred to a school for children with emotional difficulties when he was nine.

Once he started there things started to improve and, ironically, it was when he was performing in a play at his new school that someone spotted him and recommended him to Zebedee, a modelling agency that specialises in using children with disabilities. His parents were convinced that Alfie would not have the attention span required but on a test shoot, he surprised them all. Zebedee liked what they saw and the young lad has now done modelling sessions for H&M, River Island and Land Rover. His father Gary says that the work has transformed Alfie, instilling him with confidence no-one could have believed he had.

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