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THE GUARDIA CIVIL have launched an investigation after discovering a mummified body of a British national under the mattress at a Marbella area property.

Neighbours had been complaining of foul smells emanating from the property..

Named locally as Valerie Butroid, the 71-year-old is believed to have died on March 12th last year.

Guardia officers found no signs of violence and believe she died of natural causes, but are now probing why the body was hidden and no-one reported her death.

Neighbours said Mrs Butroid lived with her daughter Louise and had a teenage grand-daughter, aged around 15, who visited from time to time.

One said Louise had become reclusive after the death of her husband several years ago in the same property overlooking Lake Istan.
A neighbour told reporters:- “The dead woman had dementia and the daughter told me in August that she’d died after breaking her hip in a fall a couple of weeks earlier.”
“I assumed she had died in hospital. It blows my mind to think that poor woman’s body could have been in that house for nearly a year and the smell was that.”

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