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If at the start of the decade you´d have said that tennis star Andy Murray was full of public star quality, then a quick meeting with the men in white coats may have been in order.

But a lot has changed on and off the court over the last half dozen years or so, and especially the kind of person that he these days when the cameras are rolling and the microphones are switched on.

Yes, tennis is pretty much my favourite sport, and so I may be biased, but the knighted Scotsman now stars in one of the best TV documentaries I´ve seen this year.

Resurfacing (streaming on Amazon Prime) is just a fantastic emotional and gripping rollercoaster ride of how Murray has fought for over two years against a hip injury that nearly destroyed his career.

This two-hour doc will make you smile but also get you fully caught up in Murray´s emotions with revelations about his Dunblane school days and how he pretty much called it quits at the start of this year, before rolling the dice on a “must succeed” operation.

That op, by the way, is Certificate-18 stuff to watch, but the sheer candour of Murray and his friends and family shines through a bit of must-see TV that will appeal to viewers who have little or no time for any sport, or even the man himself in the past.

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