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Well, that’s it, the waiting and predictions are over, the rented jewels are returned to Tiffany’s, the gowns have been sent to the dry cleaners or nearest Oxfam charity shop and the dinner suits have been handed back to Moss Bros …………Yes, The Oscars are in the bag for another year.

Last Sunday’s seamless ceremony, which trotted along at a brisk pace, with no main host to introduce the star presenters, went without any major gaffes or glitches (who can ever forget Warren Bloattie and Faye Dunawaywith, La La Land fiasco a few years ago), but was generally considered to be as dull as dishwater.

Big winners were Olivia Colman, who took the Best Actress award for The Favourite, ahead of poor Glenn Close, who now officially becomes, the Academy’s most-nominated winless actress.

Asked where she would put her Oscar, Brit actress Colman told reporters, “In bed with me. Between me and my husband.” She then stage-whispered: “He doesn’t know yet. He won’t mind.”

Rami Malek, who took the Best Actor award for his mesmerising performance as Freddie Mercury in the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, made a powerful acceptance speech, saying  “I never thought I would play Freddie Mercury until I saw his (real) name was Farrokh Bulsara. That was the most powerful message sent to me from the beginning. The motivation said to me, I could do this.”

The only big shock of the night, came when Julia Roberts announced that the Best Movie award was to go to Green Book, a road movie, featuring an antagonistic white man and his black employer, whose take on race relations seems more suited to its 60s setting than 2019.

Spike Lee, who famously didn’t get a best-picture nomination for his 1989 film “Do the Right Thing;” when the trophy that year went to “Driving Miss Daisy.”, was the most outspoken critic of the Academy’s decision.

“The ref made a bad call,” said the director, who was also nominated in the category for his movie ‘BlackkKlansman’, before uttering the best line of the night, “I’m snake-bit. Every time someone’s driving somebody ….. I lose.”

Luckily he did win an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay …… Phew!!

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