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A British tourist was violently attacked by Benidorm peamen gang while trying to warn fellow holidaymakers their game was a scam.

A British tourist was beaten up and left with blood pouring from a wound in his head after he tried warn other holidaymakers about a gang of scammers known as the peamen in Benidorm.

The peamen (sometimes also named the potato men) are the bane of the town.
They operate in gangs, usually in busy areas such as the Levante promenade, Calle Gerona or around the indoor market area of Benidorm.

These gangs are usually non-violent and their only aim is to fool & con’ people out of money by playing their ‘find the pea’ in their three cup game.

Do not be enticed by their scam. They will be surrounded by spectators who cheer and clap. These spectators or game players will wave wads of cash around boasting about their win, and how easy it was to win. But they are indeed part of the gang and scam.

This vicious attack took place in broad daylight on the busy Calle Gerona in Benidorm. One of the attackers hit him on his head with a baseball bat. Another held him with his legs entwined around him as they wrestled on the street.

The Calle Gerona is notorious for pickpockets and for prostitutes attempting to lure drunken people wandering the street at night alone.

Benidorm police asked the British tourist and his friends to attend a nearby hospital and then to go the police station to try and identify the attackers.

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