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ARMED police shot a 67-year-old Spanish tourist dead in the Brazilian of Rio de Janeiro as she was driven on a ‘favela tour’.

María Esperanza Jiménez Ruiz, was visiting the Rocinha favela when the car she was travelling went through a police blockade and an officer opened fire.

Rocinha has been the site of frequent shoot-outs in recent weeks between rival drug gangs – and security forces have also come under attack as tensions heighten.

Ms Jiménez was in a car with her brother, his wife and an Italian tour guide when their vehicle was shot at, Spanish daily El País reported.

A statement by the military police said: “A Fiat Freemont vehicle broke through the police blockade in Largo do Boiadeiro, a square in the city”.

The police immediately opened fire but stopped when they realised the car was carrying tourists, the statement added. An investigation is under way.

Brazilian security forces have been accused of using excessive force by human rights groups, however, security forces say they can come under fire from drug gangs in the narrow slum streets and often have little time to assess the situation.

Two military police officers were injured earlier on Monday in a shoot-out in Rocinha, Brazilian media reported and last month soldiers were sent to the area to quell violence.

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