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Organisers of a recent charity rastro in Albir, received an unexpected boost, when another local charity gave one thousand euros towards their cause after reading an article in The Weekender.

Despite a quiet turn out for the event two weeks ago, Rob Adema and Hardy Janssen, fundraisers for the Make A Wish Foundation, a charity set up to make dreams come true for children with life threatening diseases, were delighted with the 930€ raised over the two days.

However, they were even happier, when they were contacted, by fellow local fundraiser, Gary from the Giving4Giving charity, who offered one thousand euros towards their funds.

He told Rob, he had seen an article in The Weekender, regarding the rastro and the Make A Wish charity and wanted to make a donation.

“I was absolutely blown away by this extremely generous gesture from people I had never met,” said Rob.

“Gary´s charity helps cancer charities in the area and had been in contact with the Make-a-Wish Foundation before, so Hardy and I are very grateful for this fantastic gift and it has encouraged us to raise hopefully a similar amount of money as last year for the Make-a-Wish Spain.”

Organisers of the event in Albir

Giving4Giving runs four local charity shops in the area, located in La Nucia, Albir, Altea and Villajoyosa and are dependent on public donations to raise much needed funds.

Meanwhile, Rob has invited Gary and Linda, manager of the Albir shop to the Make A Wish gala event at the Hotel RoberPalas on November 23rd

For further information call Rob on 622 921 171

Or visit: www.makeawishspain.org

By Andy Mansell

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