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Property valuation company Tinsa says that according to prices for June, the increase in house prices is continuing to slow down across Spain as a whole, as foreign demand appears to be cooling.

The price picture though, according to their June report, does vary, with tourist areas continuing to show good growth like the Balaeric Islands.

The year-to-year rise as of last month was logged at two point five per cent, which is the fifth consecutive average national rise to be under five per cent.

The largest annual rises came in the Balaeric and Canary Islands at seven point four per cent, whilst the Mediterranean coast clocked in at an average of one point five per cent, with appreciable higher rates in areas like the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol.

Meanwhile, the number of properties bought by foreign buyers fell in the first quarter of 2019, compared to the same period last year.

That´s crucially the first annualised decline in any quarter since foreign demand started to recover back in 2010, four years before demand from Spanish buyers began to recover.

The number of property sales deeds registered in the Spanish land register by a foreign buyer in the first quarter of this year numbered 16,331, according to the latest report by the Association of Land Registrars.

That compares to 16,833 a year before, a fall of three per cent.

The biggest number of buyers came from the UK (2,249), followed by France (1,232) and Germany (1,124).

Demand from all of the key European countries fell, as Britain maintained a healthy lead, with all eyes on what will happen to non-Spanish demand over the next few months.

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