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TABARCA’S programme of sterilization to control the burgeoning cat population on the island has led to at least one official complaint to the police. This alleges that the programme is not being conducted humanely and some cats have been killed by the procedure. Alicante’s councillor for animal protection, Marisol Moreno, denies the allegations. These include that twelve cats have been killed during the procedure while Moreno said they are aware of only two cats having died that had been treated and these were from causes unrelated to the sterilisation. She also states that it is common knowledge who has filed the complaint and that the person should be prosecuted for filing a false complaint. There are 180 cats known to be on the island and if the population is not controlled it will soon get out of control added the councillor. Seprona, the animal protection department within the Guardia Civil, are investigating the complaint.

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