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ONE of the most notable trends in the last few years is the rise of the selfie, and as people look for that perfect shot to add to social media (whatever happened to photo albums?) an increasing number are dying or being injured in the process. The most common cause of harm is standing too close to a temptingly scenic precipice, and doubtless, you can work the rest out for yourself. However, a woman in the US must rate as one of the daftest selfie protagonists after climbing a jaguar cage at a zoo to take her shot.

The incident happened last week at the Wildlife World Zoo near Phoenix (Arizona) after the unnamed young woman thought it would be a good idea to climb over barriers to get a picture without any of those pesky bars spoiling her shot. You probably don’t have to be an animal behaviour expert to work out what happened next and the jaguar immediately attacked her, sinking its jaws into her arm.  A woman in the crowd distracted the big cat by pushing a water bottle through its cage and another brave bystander dragged the screaming woman free.

The victim was taken to the hospital and later issued an apology to the zoo for her behaviour, although, understandably, she preferred to keep her anonymity. Meanwhile, Wildlife World has assured worried animal lovers that nothing will happen to the female jaguar, as there were proper barriers in place and the woman in question was clearly at fault, not the big cat.

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