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A 28-year-old Rumanian man is under arrest after he slit the throat of his baby and then attempted to kill himself. The incident occurred in the Valencian town of Alzira last weekend when police were alerted after a wounded man was seen on a car bonnet by a passer -by.

Local Police were not aware of the presence of the baby until they entered the man’s apartment and found the two year olds lifeless body on a bed. It seems the man had killed his daughter and then tried to commit suicide by jumping from a second floor window; however the parked car cushioned his fall and he suffered only minor injuries.

The man’s wife, the mother of the child, was at work at the time and when she found out what had happened went into shock and had to be hospitalised. The couple were registered legally in Alzira and neighbours said they had caused no trouble before. National Police have now taken over the investigation while Monday was declared a day of mourning in the town.

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