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TWO SPANISH nationals have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in Almoradi for stealing over 200 thousand euros from a 97-year-old woman that they were caring for.

The Swiss lady reported her financial loss to the authorities a year ago, as all of her savings were syphoned off from her bank account.

The situation got so bad that her bills and living expenses were paid by her neighbours, as the account was cleared out, including the lapse of her health insurance because there was not enough money to pay the direct debit.

Three people are accused of being involved in the fraud including her female caregiver, who has since died, as well as the caregiver´s partner, and her son.

A Guardia investigation discovered that all the money was removed between 2012 and 2018, as the trio were added as authorised users of her bank account.

They took advantage of the fact that their victim was old and had no family in Spain, as well as being unable to speak Spanish and having no knowledge of banking procedures.

The scam included the fact that the trio opened up five additional bank accounts to move the stolen money around to mask what they were doing.

A house was built using a money, as well a high-end car bought from the ill-gotten gains.


The assets of the two men, who are aged 30 and 57, have been frozen by a court, including the five bank accounts, as well as four properties and three cars.

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