A man has been arrested in Denia after threatening a family with a pickaxe and an axe last Saturday. The police were called after a neighbour heard loud shouting and then witnessed a window being broken with the pick. When the police arrived the defendant fled the scene, throwing his weapons under a parked car. However, he was soon tracked down and arrested while the tools were recovered as evidence. It is believed that the man and the person he was threatening had worked together in the past

THREE people have been arrested in Alicante and charged with laundering over €300,000 worth of cash accrued from drug dealing activities.

The trio, aged between 25 and 30, lived a luxury lifestyle that included owning three properties and eight top of the range vehicles.

They have been under investigation since 2016 and are all believed to be part of the same family described by police as “a well known clan”. The group were arrested a few months ago but details have only now been released by the authorities.

At the time of the arrest goods seized included ten kilos of marijuana, €5,000 in cash, two firearms and ammunition.

THE Guardia Civil have released their statistics on incidents and arrest rates at the Valencian Communities most recent music festival, Arenal Sound in the Castellon province. 

33 people were arrested at the four-day event, 24 for theft including a woman who stole 18 mobile phones, an increasing form of crime at music festivals where young people are carrying around devices often worth several hundred euros.

There were five people arrested for selling drugs, including cocaine, speed, hashish, marijuana and crystal meth; 317 people were found to be in possession of drugs for personal use, many coming to light among the over 2,000 drug tests carried out.  The most serious single incident was an accusation of aggression and sexual assault which is under investigation.

THREE CROATIANS have been arrested in San Miguel de Salinas over a series of house robberies in the south of Alicante Province.

Two women and a man were detained by the Guardia Civil after several homes were robbed in Santa Pola, with the trio hiring rental cars in order to reduce their chances of being detected.

The vehicles were hired under false names and the crooks would then go back to the rental company and simply change them to another model.

The rental switches though proved to be their undoing, as the Guardia tracked down their last car to an outlet in San Miguel, and went to their rental property in the municipality to arrest them.

A check on police databases revealed that a 29-year-old man had used six different identities, whilst a 28-year-old woman had gone through five name changes.

One of the trio was the subject of a European arrest order for committing similar crimes in Croatia, with the two women remanded into custody after appearing before a judge.

A 42-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested in Denia and charged with hate crimes relating to homophobic attacks on his neighbours.  The victims said that the verbal attacks had been going on for some time, but last week called the police after the situation had become unsustainable.

The National Police arrived and found the accused yelling homophobic insults from a balcony of his house.  He was in a highly agitated state and continued to shout insults and threats even when confronted by police.

The victims said that he had also cut their internet connection, with there being no reason for any of the man’s actions other than their sexual orientation.  A local court ordered the accused to go no nearer than 500 metres to his victims while charges are drawn up.

Guardia Civil officers have arrested two men for the theft of horse riding equipment and accessories to the value of 12,000 euros from an Equestrian centre in Altea.
The arrested men, both Spanish, are alleged to have stolen 8 saddles, 10 horse sweats, 12 leather bridles, a horse blanket and cover and even riding boots, by poisoning a german shepherd guard dog, left on the premises to deter intruders.
Investigating officers, from the Altea Guardia Civil, who were called to the scene by the owner of the centre, came to the conclusion that the robbery was committed by someone who knew the layout of the premises including the presence of the large dog, who weighed 80kg.
The dog, who was sedated with poison, took several days of veterinary treatment before recovering from the ordeal.
After taking to social media sites to publicise the robbery and give details of the stolen items, the owner was approached by a young man, who said he had an interest in horses and offered to visit rastro’s and second hand businesses in the area, to search for the missing equipment.
A day later, he sent a photo of a saddle he had bought from a market stall for 30 euros, which the owner immediately recognised as one of the stolen items.
She arranged to meet the man in a local bar, but also informed Guardia investigators, who planted two plain clothes officers in the same venue.
At the meeting, the young man, became agitated, as he wanted to receive the money, he had paid for the saddle immediately, rather than waiting for the victim to recover the full amount lost in the raid.
The waiting officers, already suspicious of the twenty year old Spaniard, swooped quickly to arrest him and his 38 year old accomplice, who they were able to link them with similar robberies at equestrian centres in Sant Vicente del Raspeig and Mutxamel.
They arrested the two men, who appeared in court on charges of robbery with force and animal cruelty.
They were released on bail, pending trial, however, officers were able to recover all of the stolen items.
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NATIONAL Police carried out a co-ordinated series of raids last week at locations across Spain, including Valencia, which culminated in the arrest of ten people that they believe to be behind a huge number of fraudulent financial operations. The scams were of a technological nature, and included such frauds as convincing victims that they had a large amount of money to transfer into Europe, but needed a financial deposit to make the transfer. Once they had this money they would then, of course, disappear. Other scams included such things as the lottery winner and inheritance cons, again both requiring a payment from the victims to allow them to receive the huge sums promised – which never materialised. Six residences and a call centre believed to be used by the group were raided and evidence was seized including false passports, bank books and cash.