THE Spanish version of the TV show Big Brother screened by Telecinco, has been slammed after it emerged a contestant was shown video of her alleged sexual assault in the diary room.

Carlota Prado was told about the alleged attack, which happened after an alcohol-fuelled party when she was a contestant on the 2017 series.

The alleged incident, which is said to have happened under the bed covers, was never aired two years ago but was obtained recently by the online newspaper, El Confidencial.

Carlota had started a relationship with fellow contestant Jose Maria Lopez and was called into the diary room to watch Mr Lopez allegedly sexually assaulting her while she was unconscious.

“Please, Super, stop now, please,” she said in tears, as she was shown the footage.

“We think you need to see this, Carlota,” the voice of “Big Brother” replied.

Ms Prado, a former nightclub promoter who was 24 at the time, told El Confidencial:- “ There should have been someone at my side, a psychologist or someone who would help me face those really difficult images.”

Zeppelin, the production company that makes the show, reported Mr Lopez to the police and Ms Prado later also made a complaint.

A judge investigating the case recently recommended putting Mr Lopez on trial.

Mr Lopez’s lawyer, Antonio Madrid, told El Confidencial the former contestant denies the allegation of sexual assault.

Several companies have pulled their advertising from the TV show following the revelations.