A ten-year-old boy drowned in a swimming pool at a villa near Moraira last Thursday, the authorities have confirmed. 

The tragedy happened on the Cami Vell del Portet and the ambulance service confirmed that when they arrived the youngster was unresponsive, although every effort was made to revive him.  The dead child, who had an unspecified disability, was part of a French family who was on holiday in the area.

Two days after this incident a two-year-old boy was pulled from another private pool in Elda; his condition was described as serious and he had been close to drowning.  The toddler received emergency medical treatment and was later transferred to the children’s intensive care unit at Elda Hospital.

A COURT in Elda heard how a man sent 500 messages to an ex-girlfriend in one day, including death threats. 

The victim is a minor, said to be under the age of 15, and the man had been carrying out community service as punishment for mistreating her.  He had also been banned from approaching or contacting her for two years.

However just three days after the ruling he started sending messages such as “I’m going to kill you bitch, take away the restraining order.”  This continued for three days until the girl reported the incident.

The defendant was sentenced to eleven months in jail for breaching a court order and a further restraining order issued.  The court would have issued a more serious sentence but concluded that there was no evidence that the accused intended to carry out his threats.

POLICE in the Alicante town of Elda arrested two men on the same day on unrelated sexual assault charges. 

In the first instance an 18-year-old youth had grabbed a girl of just 14 from behind and made obscene gestures and comments before running off.

In the second case a man of 33 is accused of attacking a waitress who was cleaning the bathroom in the establishment where she worked.  He had tried to sexually assault her but the woman fought back and screamed and he ran off.

From descriptions given both men were soon tracked down by police; they were arrested last weekend and have been charged with sexual assault.

ELDA has seen a small but worrying increase in unofficial absences from schools with 280 cases being reported last month across the towns secondary and primary schools. The town hall has now set up a commission on truancy which comes under the control of the Education Department and its councillor Laura Rizo.  The main goal of the commission is, not surprisingly, to reduce unauthorised absences. They are bringing in new protocols to intervene in truancy cases, to replace the thirty year old guidelines currently in place which most agree are obsolete.  A working party has also been set up involving educators, parents and the town hall and it is hoped to come up with further initiatives.