THE latest in Alicante’s series of promotional films, “Alicante, pueblo a pueblo”, highlights the attractions of Altea. The Marina Baja town’s vista of blue domes represents what many see as the classic Costa Blanca image and the filmmakers have tapped into this image for the documentary style programme. It also highlights the town’s history, culture, gastronomy and, of course, the beach and sea. A special edition of the DVD will be distributed to local schools, libraries and other municipal buildings by the Alicante Diputacion.

ELDA has seen a small but worrying increase in unofficial absences from schools with 280 cases being reported last month across the towns secondary and primary schools. The town hall has now set up a commission on truancy which comes under the control of the Education Department and its councillor Laura Rizo.  The main goal of the commission is, not surprisingly, to reduce unauthorised absences. They are bringing in new protocols to intervene in truancy cases, to replace the thirty year old guidelines currently in place which most agree are obsolete.  A working party has also been set up involving educators, parents and the town hall and it is hoped to come up with further initiatives.

LAST Thursday (9 March) saw the latest in a series of school strikes with pupils across the country having an unplanned day off. The strikes have been called by teachers unions and are in protest at the planned cuts to education budgets, despite government promises to the contrary. Although most schools will remain open teaching staff were urging pupils to stay away to show support for the strike. This was the case across the Valencian region where only a minority of children attended schools which on the day were largely adopting a childcare rather than teaching role due to the absence of teaching staff.