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MLS:03724 Board of Directors

The presentation of the new association MLS:03724 is quite clear: “We are a group of real estate agents, trained, experienced and working from commercial offices. We are all settled, we offer a multilingual service and we receive continuous training”. In this same context, they point out that “there are some fundamentals that allow us to offer a better service to both buyers and sellers and, of course, to revitalize the integrity of our sector”.

Its board of directors is composed of its President, Hubertus Johannes Croughs, the Vice-President, Zoila Sanz Cantos, as Secretary of the Association, Maria Elena Theanne and finally in the position of Treasurer, Karin Mühlemann.

How did the idea come about?

A common objective is reached by the Association: “One of the main problems that we hear the most at the local level from our colleagues is related to the intrusion in the sector. Although it would be a pretense to say that since the current law allows it. But if an untrained person doesn’t have insurance to cover him against any mistake he makes or isn’t up to date with the laws that are arising, this has repercussions on the consumer and, ultimately, on our own image as a real estate agent,” adding that, “for this and several reasons we decided to join forces and come up with a common idea to tackle these problems head-on. After two years of hard work and many meetings, we are proud to have created the first Real Estate Association (non-profit) and Multiple Listing Service in the area, or better known by its English abbreviation MLS (Multi-Listing Service). And since we are local, we call it MLS:03724”.

The objectives

The association has a common goal: “Our goal is to reach a collaboration with more transparency, more comradeship and more ethics. And of course, the ultimate goal is to achieve self-regulation at the municipal and regional levels, without which our profession will never have the respect and recognition it deserves,” further explaining that what MLS:03724 seeks to make clear that “it must be obvious to the public consumer of a property that hiring the services of any of our partners can be sure to deal with a qualified professional.

Finally, they invite other real estate agencies in the municipality and the region to share with them this experience: “The obvious need for regulation in this sector, the desire to be more competitive, more professional and offer a better service to our customers, has been the main engine that has moved us to develop this project. Therefore, from the association, we want to invite all related real estate agencies in the area to share the same values.

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