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From the “you can´t make it up” file, there´s news of two parents who sent the RNLI a bill for a £7 lilo after their child was saved in a £7,000 helicopter rescue.

This is not a wind-up, trust me, as the fools sent the bill to rescuers after her life was saved when she drifted out to sea off Porthleven in Cornwall.

Mike Carter, president of the RNLI branch, said a rescue helicopter had to be used to save the youngster when she got into a precarious situation.

A crew member then jumped into the water to save the girl, but left her inflatable lilo in the water.

Mike said: “A family bought the lilo from a local shop and went to the beach, and there was an off-shore wind as the parents immediately experienced their child waving goodbye as the lilo went further and further out to sea”.

“The coastguard scrambled the SAR helicopter and a diver jumped from the the chopper and saved the child. He instantly put a knife through the lilo to save any further drifting and they were both winched to safety.”

After receiving the invoice, Mike said the rescuer replied saying they would happily pay – if the family paid for the cost of launching the helicopter, and not surprisingly they have not got a reply.

What a shame the family have not been named!

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