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Here´s one job I would not want to get within a zillion miles of, and that´s working for an extreme cleaning company, which does what it says on the tin.

Husband and wife team Leanne and Kenny Elliott run such a firm in Cornwall, and they´ve published a portfolio of pictures of some of the things they have to deal with.

I´ve just settled for the pic taken from one tiny flat that had 250 bottles of urine in it, but I´ve backed off from the 400 bags of human poo pic(seriously).

The couple say their sense of humour gets them through some of the toughest situations.

Leanne commented: ‘Kenny’s son Ryan, who works with us, picked the smallest straw and spent five hours discarding urine and poo in that flat.´

‘You wear a good mask, white suits, gloves and make sure your water bottle is unique so you don’t mix things up!´

I hope the money´s worth it!

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