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Aries 21st Mar – 20th Apr – Four of Wands Moving house is on your mind, stop and think is...
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Aries 21st Mar – 20th Apr – Four of Wands

Moving house is on your mind, stop and think is this what you really want, talk to others around and then make your decision and stick to it. A celebration is imminent, get your best clothes on and go enjoy yourself,  a chance meeting will reveal your true feelings
Lucky Number 02


Taurus 21st Apr – 21st May – Three of Coins

Time now to get all those small jobs around the house/office up to date, there are busy times ahead and if you wait they may never get done. News of a pregnancy or birth will surprise you. Do not allow others around you to upset your week things look good for you 
Lucky Number 24


Gemini 22nd May – 21st June – Two of Swords

You seem to be holding yourself back in some way, this is a great time to move forward and trust that things will happen for the best. You may be encouraged as you discover that those around you have similar ideas and will help you with your new way of thinking now
Lucky Number 06


Cancer 22nd June – 22nd July – Ten of Cups

Everything seems to be going your way and looking good.  A small gamble will pay off in a way you haven’t even thought about, go with the flow and be positive about your future. A younger gentleman will become a firm friend and help you see things in a different light
Lucky Number 27


Leo 23rd July – 22nd Aug – The High Priestess

Your Spirituality is becoming heightened and you are able to see a clear path for you and yours, trust your instincts just now when meeting new people and all will be well. This is a new phase of your life which will open up new avenues for you, look for new opportunities
Lucky Number 17

Virgo 23rd Aug – 22nd Sept – King of Coins

Make sure you check out any travel plans to avoid delays and disruptions, this is not a time to make big decisions, but rather to sit on the fence a few days and really weigh a situation up before moving forward. Enlightenment will come as you enter a large building
Lucky Number 29



Libra 23rd Sept – 22nd Oct – Knight of Cups

Slow and steady is the message from this card, don’t rush into any situation, take time and think before action.  Toward the end of the week you will see new plans begin to come into action and it is time to allow changes but not force them. A gathering will bring good news
Lucky Number 34



Scorpio 23rd Oct – 21st Nov – Five of Cups

The week may seem a bit slow and nothing will go quite right until Wednesday then you will be rushed off your feet as a close friend will ask a favour and you will feel obliged to help out. Enjoy the peace find escape in a hobby and then you will find strength for others 
Lucky Number  11



Sagittarius 22nd Nov – 20th Dec –  Three of Wands

Travel is showing in this card and you will not be travelling alone, new friendships will be made if you make an effort to be sociable. Your diet or lifestyle will need some changes as you move onto a more exciting phase of your life. An older Gentleman will help you with this
Lucky Number 22

Capricorn 21st Dec – 19th Jan – Nine of Cups

Open your eyes and look around for there are opportunities around for positive changes. You are not seeing the whole picture in some area of your life, be aware of this and keep an open mind when talking to others. A female relative will need your assistance at this time
Lucky Number  03

Aquarius 20th Jan – 19th Feb – Two of Coins

Money issues are around this week and there is a need to balance your finances, however do not be surprised to find it is someone else that is rocking your financial boat. All will end well if you aren’t too extravagant just now. Help will come from a totally unexpected source
Lucky number 20



Pisces 20th Feb – 20th Mar – Queen of Cups

Your patience will be tried this week, you need to be calm and don’t let anyone upset your personal plans. The second half of the week will see fortune & luck coming your way.  Others will look up to you because of a decision you will make. The colour blue will be very lucky
Lucky Number  33