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Aries 21st Mar – 20th Apr – Four of Swords You may be lacking energy this week and feel you...
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Aries 21st Mar – 20th Apr – Four of Swords

You may be lacking energy this week and feel you need to rest, there will be times when this is possible but do your best to keep up with the mundane tasks you are set.  Don’t know which way to turn? just get started on something and all will work out for the best

Lucky Number 12


Taurus 21st Apr – 21st May – Ten of Cups

This week will be all about family (including pets) and they will be taking up your precious time, however one of them will point the way mid week to a more positive future for you. A man in a red jacket will make your day and bring many laughs for you and your family

Lucky Number 09


Gemini 22nd May – 21st June – Three of Wands

Any travel you do or plan will bring you luck and maybe a new love. Work or hobbies seem to be getting boring just now, get out there and do something new. Let people know how much you care and the rewards will be many. A surprise visitor will bring good news for you

Lucky Number 34


Cancer 22nd June – 22nd July – The Magician 

Even your most whacky ideas will work out for you this week, go with your gut, trust your intuition and you will have a fun week.  Going into a strange building will bring amazing enlightenment for you and set you off on a new adventure, laughter is the order of the week

Lucky Number 02


Leo 23rd July – 22nd Aug – Wheel of Fortune

Those jobs you are putting off need catching up with, get on with them as you will find you are are heading for a busy time. Your partner will need more time and you will have to find a balance between your personal interests. Take time out later in the week to relax.

Lucky Number 17

Virgo 23rd Aug – 22nd Sept – Ten of Wands

You may feel pulled in many directions this week, make a list and work through it and remember you cannot please everyone all the time, you will need patience. The hills/mountains and countryside will be beckoning later in the week, make time and enjoy

Lucky Number 06



Libra 23rd Sept – 22nd Oct  –   Five of Wands

Small arguments will bother you at the beginning of the week, however remember they will be small and not worth reacting to, there may be a gossip around don’t tell anything you don’t want to be shared. The end of the week will end on a much calmer and happier note

Lucky Number 22



Scorpio 23rd Oct – 21st Nov – The Devil

Those around you will need to stand back as you seem to be having some serious mood swings just now. A lady will give you some sound advice i hope you will take in good faith as she is doing her best to help. A last minute trip out will serve to put you in a good humour.

Lucky Number  14



Sagittarius 22nd Nov – 20th Dec – The Lovers

A relationship may feel a little strained this week however don’t blow this out of proportion and all will settle down once again. Keep your focus on the positive side of life and others will respond accordingly. Things will look up at the end of this week and help put things right
Lucky Number 15

Capricorn 21st Dec – 19th Jan – Ace of Wands

Those of you looking for employment or a major change in your life will be pleasantly surprised by opportunities coming your way. Your intuition is heightened this week and you will instinctively know the best route for you personally. The colour dark blue will be lucky
Lucky Number  17

Aquarius 20th Jan – 19th Feb – Nine of Swords

Those of you not sleeping properly will find true rest and sleep well as the planets shift this week, bringing you calm and tranquility. However your days will be busy as everything seems to be happening quickly and all at once. Positive opportunities around Wednesday

Lucky number 10



Pisces 20th Feb – 20th Mar – Ace of Coins

Always a lucky card representing money and financial affairs, a gift will come out of the blue and a new friend will be found. do not be too rash in your decisions mid week as mistakes are easy to make and hard to rectify. A change within your diet will help your heath


Lucky Number  11